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  1. Change "Attack Motions"

    I would like to know, if there is a way to change the attack motion without equipping a different weapon. Altering the motion action(swing, thrust, missile) could be done with "Action Sequences", but I haven't found a way to change the weapon displayed(exept no weapon at all). The ideal...
  2. Enhanced Skill Description

    Heyho RPG Maker community, I would like to enhance the description of skills in 2 ways: 1. More space, add a third line to the description, or scale down the size of letters. 2. Show the estimated damage done (without taking the enemies defenses into account). I'm using Yanflys...
  3. Help with Battle Mechanics

    Heyho guys, after unfortiantly loosing my first project, I decided to give it an other try and revamped it, now I decided to add some mechanics and features, which were unavaible at the time I was finished with that part. So, I need your help with 2problems, one is about the plugin...
  4. Chronobreak Skill

    Heyho, this is a rather extraordinary request. I would like to implement a skill, which can reverse time in battle. After activation, everything is like before X ticks(turns). On a sidenote, I am using Yanfly's ATB system(which will make the case even more complicated, I fear^^) Now an...
  5. Funny descriptions

    I literally fell in love with making funny descriptions for my items this week, problem is, my game isn't that fun(well it is fun, but you know, the atmosphere is not humorous ;p) Of cause it hasn't got a depressing ambience, where you want to lay down and cry every five minutes, in fact the...
  6. Qick Setting: Parameter Curves

    Heyho, one quick question: is there a way to adjust the quick settings for the parameter curves? So you can change the value of the quick setting A for HP from (600-700)LV1-(8000-9000)LV99 to (60-70)LV1-(1200-1400)LV99? Or is this hard coded?
  7. Random Characters

    Hey RPG Maker community! I am looking for a way to add sellswords into my game. The game focusses on the permanent death feature, so you are definitely going to lose some of your characters. Of cause you will meet more allies who will fight with you, but what if all except 3 die? You won't be...

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