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  1. The logistics of a suikoden-ish game

    I've always been a fan of suikoden games where you collect a ton of characters. I want to lean towards a game with a large recruitable cast (about 30?). However, even while playing suikoden, I do tend to just use a set party and take a pokemon "catch em all" approach to collecting characters. I...
  2. RPG Maker MV GENE

    I hope this is the right place to ask. Can anyone who has bought and used GENE let me know a little more about it? I can't find a video of GENE in action so I'm rather tentative about the $20 purchase. I use busts quite heavily in the game I'm working on and so far I am simply showing, tinting...
  3. MV Side Scroller

    Been wanting to make a side scroller for a while. I was thinking I could use Galv's Jump Ability for the movement but any suggestions on how to make enemies/projectiles etc?
  4. Load screen/transition fade?

    I've noticed while playtesting my game that when it goes from title screen to game or load screen to game, the transition is pretty jarring. Is there a simple script that can put a fade between this? I've searched but I can't seem to find any. Thanks!
  5. Error with saba kan's script

    I found saba kan's bust message script ( and I've managed to translate and make it work within the demo provided. However, every time I try to bring it to another game, even...
  6. Message Bust Expansion?

    I love Galv's Message Bust script but I would like to be able to show two characters on screen during conversations. There is a script for VXA that does what I want. I would like a script that can...

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