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  1. Bug in MZ v1.4.0?

    Thank you! That worked.
  2. Bug in MZ v1.4.0?

    Hi! I just bought and downloaded MZ about a day or two ago. Today I noticed a bug. The set of available tilesets keeps replicating every time you go to edit a map. To replicate: Right click + Edit... on any map. Note the available tilesets in the dropdown. Close the dialog and re-edit the map...
  3. How to avoid this type of tiling & forum for general RPG game making discussion?

    Henlo! I am new here. Kinda new to RPG maker. I mean, I used it last back in the early 2000's and just now decided to play around with it again. I got 2 questions: 1) What is the best way to avoid this type of tiling issues? Is there a best practice to do large areas of multi-part tiles like...

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The game's opening, now fully polished! :LZScheeze:

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Hello! Can anyone help me? I followed making cooking tutorial for RPG Maker MV. But for some reason buff state that food gives doesn't work in overworld. It disappears. What am I supposed to do?
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