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  1. Changing Class Help when setting Animated Battler on Victor Script

    Hello Sir Andar.                 Thanks for your quick response. I have attach the scripts that I have been using and some screen shot. I'm not that good when it comes to scripting. I know a little bit  :) . Can you please give an Idea on how can I run the game using animated battler and can...
  2. Changing Class Help when setting Animated Battler on Victor Script

    Hello Everyone..                 I need some help in changing Animated battler when changing Class.                 I started creating my game by choosing an actor with a "Blank Name" with no Stats and skills and also Change Gender and Character Class.  I am using Victor Animated Battler...
  3. Victor Actor Battlers for Classes

    Sorry about that... Yes i already did. My main problem is that. If I choose a different class, where will I set my Animated battler for that specific class? Because I don't know where will I put it. Example. If I create a Female Mage where will I put the <Battler Name: Female Mage> .. I...
  4. Victor Actor Battlers for Classes

    Hello to you all.                I have a problem and can somebody help me with it. I have made a game which can choose Name, Gender and Character class at the beginning of the game. Then I have installed Victor Animated Battler and other script of victor. When making a new Actor, I started...
  5. Advanced Game Time

    Ok i'll try it out.. Thanx for the quick response. :guffaw:
  6. Advanced Game Time

    Hello its me again. I have a new question. How can I speed up the time? Because I want to test and adjust all of my custom tint. In the last "Basic Game Time and Night n Day v1.6.2" you can adjust the speed by changing the "Game Time Details at Time_Count" but in this new script  "Advanced Game...
  7. Advanced Game Time

    Hi Torqus..                 Thank you for the quick response. I have edited my Conditional branch just the way you said and now its all ok. Oh.. I also change the "nil" to 0 too. SO that every time I wake up its 7:00 AM. If I have encountered a new problem I'll post it here. Thank you again and...
  8. Advanced Game Time

    Hello Sir Vlue.. Thank you for this script its Awesome.... But I have a question regarding Inn. I have setup my Inn with a conditional branch using GameTime.change(nil,nil,7) and GameTime.set("addday",1). Now when I rest at the Inn at 9PM Example Aug 6. I will wake up 7 AM , Aug 7 which is...

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