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  1. Swords Pack MV ;v

    Oh wow that is a lot of swords!
  2. The logistics of a suikoden-ish game

    Thanks for all the advice! I like the idea of combination skills and sidequests with "forced" party members sound fun too. Underleveled characters is definitely something I need to think about too. With suikoden, I really liked how the world really felt fleshed out with all these random...
  3. Automatic vs. Manual stat increase on level ups

    I dislike manual stat growths. It is simply annoying to keep going into the menu every time you level up. After a while, I tend to ignore stat allocations till I have trouble with the enemies around me. Even then I'm always wondering if I did it right and if I just screwed myself over for late game.
  4. RMMV Skyward Realms [Re:Skyward 0.3.0x TBA]

    The battles look amazing. I'm awed that you managed to do that with rpgmaker!
  5. RMMV Manafinder - A tale about survival featuring all original pixel art and music! [Demo out now!]

    Damnnnnn everything about this game looks so cool. Definitely watching this!
  6. RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    Wow this is a great idea! Thank you for doing it for the committee and good luck on your current projects!
  7. Palm's Crappy DS/FES Style Battlers

    Damnnn this is amazing. I love the hot leg lol
  8. The logistics of a suikoden-ish game

    I've always been a fan of suikoden games where you collect a ton of characters. I want to lean towards a game with a large recruitable cast (about 30?). However, even while playing suikoden, I do tend to just use a set party and take a pokemon "catch em all" approach to collecting characters. I...
  9. What game are you currently Playing?

    World of Final Fantasy!
  10. MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    I come back to your tutorials every time I have trouble with a map. Thank you so much for these :)
  11. Make Sprites great again! - A nice MV workaround

    Hi! This is an amazing tutorial. After stretching them out, they're a little too tall so I've been shrinking them but everything gets a little blurry. Is there any workaround to that?
  12. Ogedei's Asia Themed Content (Updated: 2019/01/01)

    These are amazing, thank you!

    Wow these are amazing! Would you be releasing these to use with the generator?
  14. Need opinion for classes costumes

    Which RPG Maker are you using? I find that MV's chibi style leaves so little space for the body it's quite hard to tell you're wearing something different unless you go Final Fantasy's crazy hat route (check out FF5's original pixel sprites). Personally I think expressions and maybe busts would...
  15. What makes a good side quest?

    Smaller sidequests are fine if they pay off. One time fetch and kill quests are often a good way for exp/money. It'll be nice if the subquests tie into a side story that unlocks something. The Suikoden series is 70% sidequests to recruit a character. Most of them aren't even playable but they...
  16. Your opinion on differing/clashing art styles within a game?

    It definitely bothers me if the art doesn't seem to fit. I loved the Aveyond series as a kid but I had so much trouble even finishing the latest games as the portraits were clearly drawn by different people and had huge gaps in quality. The difference in styles between two separate parts are...
  17. Gameus' Quest System

    Glad you're back! I remember using this quest system a year ago and it was pretty sweet. Thanks for taking the time to do this :)
  18. RPG Maker MV GENE

    Thanks for the replies! There were not any videos but that was a helpful link. It looks more like a video editor. Do any of you have GENE? Does it help tint, move and/or resize images?
  19. Nidhoggn's Gallery

    Oh wow these are so beautiful! I really love your style.
  20. Gameus' Quest System

    Just wanted to bump this. The links are down and it'll be great if you can reupload. Thank you!

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