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  1. bgillisp

    RMMZ 24 Hours

    Introduction: Currently it is the Festival of Heroes in Dragonfall, and the town is celebrating. However, during the celebration the castle wizard attacks and kills the royal family and most of the attendees at the festival. You however manage to escape with a few others, and now you must band...
  2. bgillisp

    Story Mode in RPGs

    So earlier this morning a few of us had a discussion about this on another site, and I wanted to post a forum post here and start discussion here as well. The topic is: 1) Should RPGs have a story mode (defintion: A super easy difficulty mode)? If no, why would you not put one? If yes, why...
  3. bgillisp

    2022 Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all, 2021 2022 is about upon us so it is time to start up the goals and progress thread for 2021. We are going to do it a little differently this year, as follows. First, post your overall goal for 2021 2022. It can be as broad as finish my game, though specific steps towards that will...
  4. bgillisp

    What to do before you make your RPG

    In this tutorial I'm going to go over things that every game developer should consider and decide on *before* making their dream RPG in RPGMaker. A lot of this is based on my 6 years here on the forums, and what I've learned as a game developer myself. 1. Learn the Engine This step sadly gets...
  5. bgillisp

    Adding Balloons to Important Sprites

    One feature that I've seen commonly requested is being able to add balloons over characters so that you know they have a quest to give you. Some suggest using parallel processes to do that, but as we know many parallel processes can also slow your game down, and I've heard of reports of players...
  6. bgillisp

    Resource Manager Issues

    The resource manager in MZ seems to be bugged. If I go to select import on it for BGM's it crashes right then and there as it apparently can't handle loading all of the BGMs that came with MZ. If I try to go to the DLC to add a BGM it hangs a very long time (5+ minutes) or never loads the...
  7. bgillisp

    Wind Elemental Request

    Hello all! I'm wondering if there is an existing wind elemental out there that I can use? I've tried to search for it, but sadly I'm not finding an active sprite where the images are still loading at the moment. Resource Type: Character Sprite Maker Format: VX Ace. I can resize MV to ACE if...
  8. bgillisp

    RMMZ Montagor's Legacy - Sequel to The Book of Shadows

    Introduction: In the year 2015, Montagor was defeated by Brent and Christine in a battle in Washington D.C. Or so the legend goes. The truth is, no one has good records on what really happened that day, all we know is Montagor disappeared that day, as his body was never found. Now the year is...
  9. bgillisp

    December 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all! It's (almost) January December 2020! Time to get busy and make those games! Resolve to finish your games today! Or sometime this year! Post your January December goals and progress below.
  10. bgillisp

    December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello everyone! Happy December! It is time for... Wait...dancing snowmen? What is this, a holiday? We got games to make! Post your December Goals and Progress below.
  11. bgillisp

    November 2019 Goals and Progress Thread!

    Hello everyone and welcome to the November 2019 Goals and Progress Thread! Post here your goals and progress for November 2019.
  12. bgillisp

    October Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all! It's October, so you know what that means! It is the perfect time to go out and... BOOO! Yaaa...don't you do that! I was going to say make games, what did you think I meant? Sheesh. Post your October goals and progress below.
  13. bgillisp

    DataManager.save_game vs DataManager.save_game_without_rescue

    While digging into my autosave script I noticed it specifically calls the following command: DataManager.save_game_without_rescue(0) However, a normal save command is DataManager.save_game(0). Any idea why they used the without_rescue version? And what is the advantage to using one vs the other?
  14. bgillisp

    Save game and hanging

    Hello all, So my game is using @TheoAllen Anti-Lag script (link here): However, one of the people playing my game has reported that when they save the game the 2nd time on a map...
  15. bgillisp

    How to post an image but have it go to a website when it is clicked on?

    Hello, I've seen this done by other users, but can't seem to figure out what button or combination of buttons or HTML code I need to use to do this. How can I put this image: In my signature but set it so that if you click on it, it takes you to the website where you can buy the game? I've...
  16. bgillisp

    September 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all! It's September which means time for another goals and progress thread. I decided to add the year to the thread this time too. No banner this time as it's already late as I was on holiday. Post your goals and progress below.
  17. bgillisp

    August Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all! It's (almost) August, which means it is back to school time for most of us. A time for us to learn. A time for us to grow. A time for us to... No sleeping! If you got time to sleep, you got time to make games! Post your goals and progress for August below.
  18. bgillisp

    July Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all! It's (almost) July, and you know what that means...everyone duck *firework goes flying by*. Great, they blew up the banner. I think the J was seen heading to Indiana and the Y to Canada, so let me know if you see them. Anyways, post your July Goals and Progress here.
  19. bgillisp


    Introduction: A few days ago, a strange object was sighted in the sky. The races of the land of Esteron soon sent out an expedition to where the object crashed, in an attempt to figure out what it was. On the way to investigate, a storm has wrecked the ship leading the expedition, and now you...
  20. bgillisp

    June Goals and Progress Thread

    Hello all, it's (almost) June, which means it is time for another goal and progress thread. For most of us, it is summer vacation, which means it is time for vacation to exciting locations. Or, we can instead make exciting locations for our characters to go to! Please post your goals and...

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