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  1. RMMZ Any guide on how to create a custom battle menu
  2. RMMZ Having trouble finding something in Visustella's crafting system.

    Yop ! I think you have to use the plugin ItemsEquipCore (-> Item Categories / Category List) for that. Try this, it should work. EDIT : You need to match your item and category.
  3. RMMZ [Help] How to check: variable 1 is greater than multiple variables( 2, 3, 4, 5)

    @caethyril Thanks for your exemple. You save my day.
  4. RMMZ Change class during a fight (Class Change System VisuStella MZ)

    EDIT: I tried different things and I have a problem that bothers me. I use a skill to change classes during fight, which refers to an event, but the Class Change System plugin don't let me use variable as I would like (it doesn't seem to work). Let me show you : Here I use the actor ID...
  5. RMMZ Change class during a fight (Class Change System VisuStella MZ)

    I'm looking for a way to be able to change class, or subclass, during a fight like FF13 does, through an object for exemple (for the user). I use VisuStella's plugins. If anyone has an idea ...

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