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  1. FlipelyFlip

    FlipelyFlip Plugins | NEWEST: PictureScaling | PluginCount: 12

    Welcome to my Plguin Collection :3 You will find here all the plugins I made. I willl stop posting them seperate so you will be able to find everything at one post. I also will keep an actual Changelog of the current changes for all of my plugins here updated...
  2. FlipelyFlip


    This plugin provides the feature to create large enemy parties for battles by a simple comment at the troops event page. It gives you the possibility to create realistic battles against more than 8 enemies. You can add as much enemies as you want to your battles. To add another troop to your...
  3. FlipelyFlip

    Help needed with graphics

    Hello dear community, I'm here to maybe find someone who could help me out with my special request. Since MV's out and I'm trying to get to know the maker better, I'm planning to create a game with it. Well right now I'm done with planning the story and systems. Currently I'm building...
  4. FlipelyFlip

    FFP Exclude Enemies v1.00

    FFP Exclude Enemies This script provides the feature of adding enemies to a troop, which can't be battled but be used as graphical enhancements. You can use this plugin to display trees or other things at the battle screen really easy. To define an enemy as excluded enemy, use this...
  5. FlipelyFlip


    Hello, This script is an add-On to my FFP_BaseStats. It gives you the possibility to give enemies a specific level or a range of levels. Also you can set enemies to have no levels and use the set stats at the database instead of calculating the actual stats out of it...
  6. FlipelyFlip


    Hello, This plugin is an add-on to my other plugin called FFP_BaseStats. This one here provides the possibility to use custom money and exp-formulas. Also it has the possibility to give the actors EVs. EVs are specific stats in Pokemon and are gained after defeating a Pokemon. These EVs are...
  7. FlipelyFlip


    Hello, This plugin provides you the features of defining the value of a switch or a variable via script codes directly with the switch name and also to keep it up to date at any time. ======================================================================== How to use it...
  8. FlipelyFlip


    Hello, This plugin provides the feature of Pokemon to define basestats for actors and enemies. You can define your own formulas to calculate the stats for them. ======================================================================== Defining BaseStats for Actors and Enemies...
  9. FlipelyFlip

    The Worldbuilder's Fate

    by FlipelyFlip   Prologue   According to legends, a human’s fate is bound to the verdict of the gods. However, what if there was a mortal who was born with an unknown genetic defect allowing them to get out of this cycle?. When life and death do not have a toll to pay for, does the soul become...
  10. FlipelyFlip

    Flips Actor Restrict Equip v1.1

    Heyey, I'm posting this script, after searching for this but not finding a script which do this (: What does this script do? Allows you to forbid for certain actors from an equiptype a weapon or an armor. I know I could create a new equiptype, but why should I do it, if it's only for 1...

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