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  1. battle script designed for a single actor

    Hi everyone, I need a battle script designed for a single actor that can be graphically seen in the fight.
  2. Specifically .. but also similar is fine!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a battle script that shows the hero from behind, and in front of him the enemy.
  3. Crystal Engine

    thanks for the scripts that i will definitely watch, so there is no way to download the crystal engine script without viruses?
  4. A battle system

    hi everyone, i am looking for a battle system for rpg maker xp. I am not particularly interested in what it is, as long as it is original and differs as much as possible from the manufacturer of standard rpg maker version. I don't know what the safe sites are, the last time looking for a script...
  5. All empty!

    Hi everyone, I was suddenly faced with a problem: the project files were gone! I exported them to the game folder (from Tools / Materialbase) but even if I go to Tools / Materialbase there is no file! All empty! There are the files that I added! I solved them for copying the files of the Data...
  6. Any battle script

    Hi everyone, I would like to find any battle script for rpg maker xp. Original and cute. I was afraid of running into viruses like the last time in a Crystal Engine script
  7. Move Toward Player

    Hi everyone, I noticed a curious function in the "Set Move Route" in the eventing: the "Move Toward Player" function. So I wanted to follow an NPC to the player I tried to insert that function but nothing happened. The NPC on which it was set did not move. How can I do?
  8. Adaptation

    Hi everyone, in the last post I asked for the Gold's sprite and @Kupotepo replied by sending me a link with Pokèmon sprites including Pikachu (<snip>). After that I mounted it and in the end I realized that there is a problem: since the file is too small, the image of the hero is represented by...
  9. Where can I find the Gold's or Silver's sprite of Pokemon Gold or Silver

    Hi everyone, could anyone tell me where I can find the Gold's sprite (Of Pokemon Gold and Silver)?
  10. Pokèmon Battle Simulation Script no Crystal Engine

    Hi everyone, I would like to find a script that simulates Pokèmon battles but in an invented way, that is, that does not particularly resemble the style of an existing Pokèmon video game. I tried on the Crystal Engine site from an old post that already existed on this forum but when I went to...
  11. Privileges if a certain file is present

    Hi everyone, is there a way to allow the player to have privileges if there is a certain file in the project folder?
  12. Only after certain time

    Hi, I have found a way to create a battle system for my new game on my own (attached below). I would like to know how to make the "game over" message appear (via event) only 4 seconds after the click on the event.
  13. A new "game style"

    Hi, I don't know if you've played BattleCity for Gameboy (, i would like to know: 1)where can I find a simple graphic of a tank, similiar to that of BattleCity, to replace him, in the actors, with the player's sprite to make him move...
  14. How to reset the game?

    Hi everyone, to simplify my game I would like to save so I don't always go around the whole map every time, but when I publish the game on the Internet I don't want others to see my save. How to reset the game?
  15. How to pass the hero over an image

    Hi everyone, when an image appears during the adventure and the hero passes it, the hero disappears under the image. how can I avoid it by passing the hero on the image?
  16. Two questions

    Hi, I have two questions: 1) how can I create a mobile game (is there a charge for uploading to mobile stores?) 2) how can I (by event) extract a random number, for example from 1 to 6 and based on the number that is drawn show a text?
  17. A script to correct

    Hello everyone, wanting to create a script that simulates battles with Yu Gi Oh cards in battle, I tried to write a kind of script, but not obviously with words readable by Rpg Maker. I'd like to know how to turn it into a readable script from RPG Maker. The script to be corrected is in the...
  18. how to do that if i talk to an NPC he will follow me while i run or walk

    hi, i would like to know how to do that if i talk to an NPC he will follow me while i run or walk. it can be done?
  19. A syntax error.. senseless?

    I just finished copying files from the directory and trying the game, when I also wanted to translate the word "Miss". At the beginning everything worked, but when I modified it for the second time it started to give a syntax error in the last line of the game battler script, that is the line of...
  20. RGSS RTP Standard not found (How to play on other PCs)

    Hi everyone, I would like to share the game I created with others, but it appears that on other computers it gives the error "RGSS RTP Standard not found". I knew you had to install a certain file, but that would be bad enough, even for publication on the internet. Wouldn't there be a file that...

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