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  1. How do I implement a stealth system like in Divinity:OS2?

    Im trying to make a stealth system like divinity, in which the more stealth stat you have, the less likely to be caught. Is that possible? edit: What I meant in detail is say: The player enters a "stealth mode" Due to this mode, red zones around the enemy becomes visible As the enemy...
  2. Is there a way to wordsearch in an event?

    My game has alotta dialogue and its a bit of a pain to go somewhat pixel hunting for each word I need to edit. Is there a plugin or way to easily search for a word in an event script in RPGmaker MV ? Thank you
  3. How do I use HimeWorks Hide choices plugin?

    Hey! My first post here! So I'm working on a game with multiple different conditional choices, with all not even branched in each other. I was looking for a way to hide choices base on some parameters, but I dont know how to use the plugin for my work. Ive installed it correctly, and can type in...

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