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  1. RMMV Good way to implement certain mechanic

    There is this mechanic, that suppose to simulate (sort of) a positioning of the units. its fairly simple,but I dont know, what could be used to implement it? At the battlescreen, when either enemy (E) or party member (P) attacks someone, they both go into "duel". If someone attacks a character...
  2. RMMV Combat Interface

    Hopefully its the right board to post, huh. So, Ive heard about how FF13 Lithning Returns made THE BEST ATB combat, so Ive bought the game to check it out (its so cheap lol). So, its basically action game at this point, but I really like the way in-battle UI is done. To those who never seen it...
  3. Wich plugins do I need?

    So, can someone point me, wich plugins would let me do some stuff : 1) In sideview battle mod, make it so when enemy attack, its graphics changed to some other picture ill provide 2) In sideview, change the character visuals from battlers, again, to some static picture ill provide, and change it...
  4. Timed trap question, RPG Maker MV

    Id like to create a trap, that will kille protagonist IF he stays at trap location for too long. Do i need some plugin for this to work, or is it possible with default rpgmaker MV tools?

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