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  1. Dragonic_L


        About Lilyhazard Lilyhazard is a survival horror fangame inspired by "Nobihaza", a free japanese game's series made with RPG MAKER by "". My project is not a remake of the original one like the other fangame; Lilyhazard tells a new story where new characters...
  2. Dragonic_L

    Moving Through events, but not in impassable tileset

    Hello there! :) The topic's title speak itself. In my game I need a plugin that allow an event to move through an other event, but not in impassable tileset (wall etc...). I tried to recreate this effects with events, but it doesn't work and I'm newbie in js, I can't create a plugin...
  3. Dragonic_L

    Hi Guys! :)

    Hello Everybody! ^^ My name's Dragonic_L, but you can just call me Dragon, I'm 19 and I study Law, but playing games and making them were my passion since I was a child. I joined the forum in November, but I wasn't active. I'm not a newbie at all, because I started rpg making 8 years ago...

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