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  1. Kirye

    RMMV (SOLVED) Need help with Yanfly Item_Core Remove Use Function

    I'm slowly but surely learning my Javascript, but i'm having way too many issues with this code. I'm trying to modify this: Scene_Item.prototype.onItemOk = function() { var item = this.item(); if (DataManager.isItem(this._item)) { this.onActionUse(); } else {...
  2. Kirye

    RMMV Looking to force State turn count to go down

    So my game is using a battle system made with common events and isn't using the default system, which has had a lot of added benefits but also a couple of drawbacks. One of those is that i've had to use individual variables per status effect to keep track of turn count. It's not that much extra...
  3. Kirye

    RMMV Need help relocating Select Item

    Hey all, I haven't been able to find where Select Item is located. I've been trying to relocate the window to the bottom of the screen. I made a custom battle system using Common Events and the Select Item function would be perfect to use Consumable Items. Unfortunately it only appears on Top...

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