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  1. battle script designed for a single actor

    No, it's a different request: in VX Ace the battle system is already for one actor, I wanted to find a script to see it
  2. battle script designed for a single actor

    Hi everyone, I need a battle script designed for a single actor that can be graphically seen in the fight.
  3. Specifically .. but also similar is fine!

    for VXAce but I'll take care of the sprites, I need the script. and then it is important that there is only one hero in the center, that the script is made for a single actor and not for four, in the sense that even the background under the battle for example could be long for 4 actors and not...
  4. Specifically .. but also similar is fine!

    For VX Ace, I would like to view in battle only from the belly to the head with a single actor (but I can change it from the database)
  5. Specifically .. but also similar is fine!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a battle script that shows the hero from behind, and in front of him the enemy.
  6. Crystal Engine

    Okay, I knew about copyright, although I didn't link it to the fact that there were no images, so thanks for the tip. But I would like to use the battle system by changing the appearance and name pokemon, not by infringing copyright. I was just wondering how to use the script in battle. It just...
  7. Crystal Engine

    I need help. I finished inserting the .rb files into the script editor, but I don't know how to activate the battle. I looked at Pokemon Battle HUD.rb and Pokemon Battle.rb but there is no script. And then I don't know where the program will find specific animation and specific pokemon with...
  8. Crystal Engine

    but isn't it strange that scripts without graphics are also downloaded on the Crystal Engine website? are the dimensions, the type of file, the name they must have and their folder completely unknown? how can one build an animation without even knowing the size and name? there must also be some...
  9. Crystal Engine

    EDIT: I managed to open the .rb files as a text file with the help of Andar in the signature block, I would like to know if the program uses the actors like pokemon that are sent to the field, and if so, how do I animate the actor so that I throw the pokeball etc ..?
  10. Crystal Engine

    yes, I'm new to both the forums and RPG Maker, so I haven't understood much. That is, I currently have opened the file you made me download and I entered the Crystal Engine folder. That folder is full of .rb files and nothing else. what should i do next? how do i manage those .rb files?
  11. Crystal Engine

    what is your signature block? where is it? where are the script instructions?
  12. Crystal Engine

    In the file that I downloaded I found the crystal engine folder. 1) Are all the files needed? 2) where should they be placed in the project folder? 3) How do I know where and which sprites to put?
  13. Crystal Engine

    I also have the VX Ace version, only that I prefer XP. But to use that script I'm willing to use VX Ace too. So is there a way to download it for VX Ace without running into viruses?
  14. Crystal Engine

    I don't remember which script I had downloaded, but if you search for "crystal engine pokemon battle" you will get many results.
  15. Crystal Engine

    thanks for the scripts that i will definitely watch, so there is no way to download the crystal engine script without viruses?
  16. Any battle script

    however, among those scripts there will surely be one that I will insert
  17. Is There A Way To Make On Screen Effects?

    for a simple animation you must have two tilesets: one with a snowflake at the top, one with a snowflake at the bottom. then insert a row of events at the top of the game map, each will have the snowflake positioned at the top of its image as a graph. all events will be set to "parallel...
  18. All empty!

    if I write the word "standard" again will the files appear? So if they appear, should I modify game.ini only after exporting the necessary files?
  19. Proper way to handle this event?

    to shorten everything you could put those commands in a "common event" and insert in the editing only the command "Call common event" if it has to happen only in a specific moment, otherwise leave it only in the common event
  20. All empty!

    Then, how can I solve?

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