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  1. Hungria

    Tutorials tab on website

    Yeah! it's something like this! I didn't read the tutorial completely (like if i could read it all in 3 minutes xD) but from what i've seen it's what i'm searching. Thanks!
  2. Hungria

    Tutorials tab on website

    Hello! :kaohi: I don't know if this is the right area to post my question, but i'll post it anyway. At the RPGMaker website i can find a tutorial tab, and it's a very didactic, but the site only shows RMVX/RMVXA/IGM tutorials and i don't know if it will help me that much because my version...
  3. Hungria


    Thanks for the warm welcome :kaohi: i'm feeling at home already!
  4. Hungria


    My real name is Ítalo, and i'm a JRPG/Visual Novel lover (But i'm not thaaaaat good playing them :kaocry:) I got the RMMV in the Steam Summer Sale, but i don't know that much about programming or about creating games, so i decided to register at the forums to learn new things and hopefully make...
  5. Hungria

    I have access now! Thanks!

    I have access now! Thanks!
  6. Hungria

    I'm new on the forum, and i can't create a topic (I would like to introduce myself and take some...

    I'm new on the forum, and i can't create a topic (I would like to introduce myself and take some help about RMMV). Sorry for posting here!
  7. Hungria

    First RPG game you ever played

    Mine was Legend of Dragoon. My brother played a lot that game, and so did I! The soundtrack is so marvelous :kaojoy:
  8. Hungria

    [THex] Tutorial Series, From Beginner to Advanced

    Hello! I'm new at RPGmaker (i got the RMMV yesterday) and your videos are helping me a lot. Thanks for the hard work!

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