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  1. How to Update MV Non-Steam Version

    How do I update MV to the current version since it's not a Steam version of MV. Do I just redownload, or something else? Mine current version is MV version 1.1.0. Will the script to convert VX Ace data to MV still work on the most recent update? What is the most recent update?
  2. In Game: Change Whether Event is Above or Below You

    How do I change this below for MV? In Ace it changed whether any event doing this common event was above below, or on the same level as the player. The player goes through the event but whether it's above, or below the player must change sometimes. instance_eval("@priority_type = 1")
  3. VX Ace to MV Error: $game_player is not defined

    I'm converting a VX Ace to MV and got this error. error: $game_player is not defined A common event of mine uses $game_player.x and $game_player.y. Is the variable referring to the player your currently control at the front of the line different in MV than VX Ace?  If so what is it now?
  4. In MV What Are Each of the Multiple Installers For?

    When I purchase RPG Maker MV there were several downloads as well. I used my license key to upgrade from the trial version, so what are these exta installs for. The install screen for each of these say RPG Maker MV, as what they're installing, so I don't know what each specifically does. The...
  5. Make 1 Specific Actor Leave Battle when Successfully Attacked

    How can you make a specific actor leave a battle the first time he's successfully attacked by the enemy in that battle, and have the other actors continue battle?  Before this actor drops out of battle I want to show dialogue describing, in my words, what has happened.  I would want this to be...
  6. Have Party Members Stay Put During Player Move Route

    I'm not sure how I should do this but, I want to have an have the other party members stay where they are while the player does a move route which at the end returns the player where he was.  Even if I turned off the party members and used events once I turned the members back on they would be...
  7. Getting Battle Values

    In Battle how do you get:             1.  Whether an actor is being ordered and which one.             2.  Whether a actor is being attacked, which one, and by which enemy.             3.  Whether an enemy is being attacked, which one, and by which actor.             4.  Whether an actor or...
  8. Spawn from Another Map, it needs Separate Self Switches

    I need a spawn script that creates instances with separate ids and separate self switches.  I tried Yanfly Engine Ace - Spawn Event v1.00.  It's easy to use and I like being able to take them from another map but, the problem with it is that if a self switch is turned on in one spawn it affects...
  9. Show Money Box While Talking to Innkeeper

    Is there a way to display the little box that shows how much money you have without taking you to the full screen menu?  I'd like to be able to show it while you're asked if you want to stay at an Inn so you'd know if you could and the monetary impact it might have.
  10. Shopkeeper Dialogue Different if you Buy

    Is there a way to tell whether you bought or didn't buy something at a shop if you use shop processing?  I'd like this so that the shopkeeper would say something if you: didn't buy anything, didn't have enough money, or bought a particular item.  I know you could do it with switches if it was a...
  11. Revert Back to Non-Specified Battle Background

    Is there any way to revert back to a non-specified battle background in the same room after you have changed the battle background in an event?  By non-specified I mean it loads different backgrounds based on which tile you're on, not the same one for the whole room.  
  12. Any Tiles Associated with RTP only Battle Backgrounds?

    After adding some battle backgrounds from the RTP, I realized I don't know whether these backgrounds are associated with any of the tiles.  Will any of the tiles load the RTP only backgrounds for battle or do you have to load them yourself?  Also is there any way to alter which battle background...

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