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  1. FantasyDR

    Game Submission for【Random】

    It's my honor to have such a video review from @Indrah :) Our project finally got 9 votes and a video review, and I'm quite satisfy with this results. LoL. Yes you are correct, this is definitely not a playable game, but a early alpha prototype. A tech demo I would say. I never got time to...
  2. FantasyDR

    2014 IGMC Results!

    Con to all the winners! Especially 【The Vendor】, @Galenmereth you finally made it :)
  3. FantasyDR

    Game Submission for【Random】

    Updated a sample of screenshot with filter... But this feature is not included inside the submission because I ran out of time :(
  4. FantasyDR

    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    I believe participation itself is the most important thing. Because there is not too much limitation in this contest. For example, I can find some group submitted project which could be developed for more than 30 days. That means ... oh, Rule already changed :) But it is good to bring...
  5. FantasyDR

    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    Wow, this is totally insane!! I should have used the steam version to record mine :) Seriously, you are so good and made me envy :D I started my development since the beginning of June. But my major blocker is the OT of my job and Hearthstone. I rushed in the last weekend and sleep barely...
  6. FantasyDR

    Game Submission for【Random】

    Just use this thread as the guide/tutorial of my game <Random> My friend told me he cannot understand the logic of 'ABCXYZ' => 'ZXCASD' mapping. So I upload a new link with this minor fix, to avoid confusing about the RMXP key mapping.
  7. FantasyDR

    Game Submission for【Random】

    I got the reason. The link in the dashboard is \add\<game_id>. The final page should be Anyway, I'll update this page later and provide more information about this tiny game :) I need some sleep...
  8. FantasyDR

    Game Submission for【Random】

    == Random ==   A Game with Dynamically Generated Content Official Page and Download Link: Vote if you like it: I'll publish all the tech I developed for this game soon. (It's not encrypted anyway) Including but not...

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