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  1. Ise no Kaml

    Bravely Default Job Levels?

    Let me begin this by stating this is more of a check-in than a request. This is a wish that keeps coming back to me, and the last time I asked, I was told the base design of MV itself made this hard to even do. I’m more just asking if anything’s changed since then; a positive response is great...
  2. Ise no Kaml

    RMMV Weapon Levels with Yanfly Item Upgrades?

    This one is a bit complicated. Yanfly's Item Upgrade Slots plugin gets me most of the way to where I want to go, but there are some issues that keep it from really working for me. I essentially want to have a Dark Cloud 2 style weapon enhancement system (I want full on weapon evolution...
  3. Ise no Kaml

    RMMV Quick Summon Actor?

    So, I just had this idea while trying to think of how a Persona game would work, but I think it's a good idea outside of that. Unlike the existing Summon Actor plugins that I know of (that let you bring a new actor in for the duration of the fight), what I'm looking for is a lot more temporary...
  4. Ise no Kaml

    Fire Emblem Seal System

    I wanted to implement a method of advancing a job system similar to the seal system from Fire Emblem games. The idea is that, each job is on a certain tier, and when a character has met certain prerequisites and has a seal of that tier, they can use the seal to unlock a specific class...
  5. Ise no Kaml

    Editing Save Menu Text?

    So, I'm currently working on a project that has a few extra details I want to put on the save screen. Namely, my project will be split into named chapters and span three different worlds, and I'd like the names of both the current chapter and current world to be displayed when you save...
  6. Ise no Kaml

    Character Link System

    I'm sure a lot of you thought of Persona with that title, but what I'm looking for is more along the lines of what Trails of Cold Steel did. Sure you had links with party members that strengthened with interaction, but the bonds could be VERY slowly strengthened by fighting alongside party...
  7. Ise no Kaml

    MV Won't Playtest

    So, I just tried playtesting my game, and it said I needed to update the software first. Once I did so and tried again, I got this error: Reference Error makeVideoPlayableInline is not defined I've noticed a few other "can't playtest" threads, but none of them mention a problem like this. Does...
  8. Ise no Kaml

    Static Field Leader?

    So, this was something I was curious about for a later project. I was wondering how to have a Final Fantasy X scenario, where the designated main character is your avatar in the field regardless of whether he's in the active battle party or not.
  9. Ise no Kaml

    Forcing Actors Into Battle?

    Before I begin, sorry in advance to the admins. This thread will probably be moved, but I had no idea where to put it. None of these topics under support seemed to fit, so I'm just putting it here. Anyway, I came across an odd glitch when testing my game. In the event that introduces a dragoon...
  10. Ise no Kaml

    Still Targetable Mid-Jump

    My RPG has a dragoon, so I'm using the jump trick from Yanfly, with the notetag code copied straight from the site (with the needed tweaks). Big problem: no matter what I do, enemies CAN hurt my dragoon mid-jump, no matter what I try with the jump state. Make the target rate 0? They still go...
  11. Ise no Kaml

    Question: Hiding Enemies

    To start, I don't know if this is where I should post my question; this just seemed like the best place to put it. Anyway, here's what I want to do: have a hydra/orochi boss half submerged in lava. Only when you beat up the heads will the main body, your target for the fight, emerge, and...
  12. Ise no Kaml

    How Do I Release My Game?

    So, I finished enough of my current project to release a demo. Or rather, I'm trying to release the demo. I seem to be having trouble getting the output file to work, and I can't figure out why, or find a set of instructions on this sort of thing. Help please.
  13. Ise no Kaml

    FFIX/Vesperia Weapon Skill System

    I wanted my game to have a skill system like Final Fantasy IX or Tales of Vesperia. In those games, skills are linked to equipment, and each one has its own experience bar. You get the skill once you equip the weapon or armor, but you're not allowed to keep it until the bar is filled...
  14. Ise no Kaml

    Tales Series Battle System

    I was wondering if anyone had made a plugin for a battle system along the lines of the Tales series games, like Tales of Phantasia or Tales of Symphonia.

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