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  1. Nuxill

    Porting to MAC OS X and safeguarding my assets?

    I don't have a mac and can not confirm this, but from what I've seen other people say if you export your game as a mac it basically just shows up as an application. It does not do it in one neat little package if you export to mac while on pc, but it's functionally the same. It's obfuscated when...
  2. Nuxill

    Creating a mini map but for MV

    There's a minimap tutorial for mv by Echo607 thats very useful. She has a lot of great eventing tutorials on her channel.
  3. Nuxill

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Visustella does have a page, though it isn't listed on their itch or website. It looks like the benefits are based more on their sprite assets than plugins, but there's only three updates on the page I can see so I'm not 100% sure. Edit: The link doesn't work because this forum censors the word...
  4. Nuxill

    Moving Multiple NPCs at once for a Cutscene. Please help

    You can move several NPCs at a time with move routes. If you unclick the "wait for completion" button near the bottom the actions done by the NPCs will happen simultenously. (These are screenshots from MV but it should work exactly the same) You can move as many events as you want as long as...
  5. Nuxill

    Blocking section of map visibly (pkmn Flash type skill)

    The flashing is probably from the asset being loaded in for the first time. Try using a preloader plugin to remedy that. I personally like Galv's image cache plugin.
  6. Nuxill

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I believe it was also mentioned by VisuStella that updates will be every Sunday? At least while there's still bugs to be fixed and updates to be made.
  7. Nuxill

    Poor graphics quality.

    I do agree that some of the assets are a little wonky, and what some people are pointing out as "just art style" is not 100% accurate. You can have a cartoon character with off-putting anatomy, especially if that anatomy is trying for the realm of realistic. It's not so much "everyone has big...
  8. Nuxill

    Are Spreadsheet Based Animations being 'Removed' from RPG Maker MZ?

    I was just looking through the dlc plugin files for MZ and apparently there *is* a plugin to make animations with animation sheets like you could in MV. I haven't touched it yet so I dont know how it works, but at least it gives you an option!
  9. Nuxill

    TF_LayeredMap.js You can walk around the tile!

    I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite plugins ever! It's fixed so many tileset problems for me while making my game. I don't know where i'd be without it.
  10. Nuxill

    Flavor Text Ideas

    Descriptions are more interesting when they contain some type of lore or context for the game. It's great for world building. I know it's hard to write generic lore as a template but it might help out a bit with some of the items. I've never heard of Brave Frontier, but I do know that the dark...
  11. Nuxill

    Does this just bother me?

    I'm kind of surprised that they don't make the enemies in the same kind of sprite style as the characters. Not animated, but at least pixel art as opposed to a fully rendered image. But they've been doing it that way since the beginning (i think??) so I guess there's no reason for them to change...
  12. Nuxill

    Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass (Demo available!)

    Nice! I'm excited for the demo. I've been following the development on tumblr and I'm really digging the whole vibe of this game :)
  13. Nuxill

    June Goals & Progress Thread

    !! :O Thank you! I know its a bit simplistic but I wanted to work with a limited color palette. I'm glad you like it! 
  14. Nuxill

    June Goals & Progress Thread

    This is my first time posting in this kind of thread!!! *v* I'm actually finally working on a game and it's been a lot of fun so far! My goals for June are to finish pixelling the indoors part of the apartment complex that the main character and one of her friends lives in. I also need to fix...
  15. Nuxill

    Why such short run times?

    I want to make short games because I like to play short games. I don't have time to get through a 20+ hour game in a few days and often leave games alone for large periods of time, so when I come back to them I have no idea what's going on or where I was. I'm much more likely to buy something if...
  16. Nuxill

    I'm sorry that people here are awful and Don't Get It. They don't care that there's no...

    I'm sorry that people here are awful and Don't Get It. They don't care that there's no controlling what becomes a trigger for someone in the first place.  :headshake:
  17. Nuxill

    Homage (Easter) of famous character

    Since it's obviously a parody/homage you could get away with Ram'bo. I also like Balako's suggestion of Ram'bow since it adds more to the pun. 
  18. Nuxill

    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    Oh that protect.exe is SO beautiful *v* I'm a huge sucker for hexagons. 
  19. Nuxill

    Adventure & Travel

    Hot dang, I love Gyrowolf's music! Can't wait to see more from them! 
  20. Nuxill

    Thoughts on RPGs with lots and lots of characters?

    IMO the amount of characters you put in your game should depend on whether you want the game to focus on plot or game mechanics. Game mechanics can allow for big and small teams but with plot?? introducing all those characters + fleshing them out and showing how they grow as people is very time...

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