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  1. Ed19

    Damage Formulas 101

    it actually works. But, I forgot to explain about the multiplier... i will explain it Bonus damage is based on the difference between A.atk and B.atk, but it will be multiplied based on the difference , so the higher the difference --- the higher bonus damage. Notes and example : - Actor A...
  2. Ed19

    Damage Formulas 101

    I would like to make a skill that deals additional damage based on the difference between the actor's ATK multiplier and the enemy's ATK multiplier. Theoretically saying : a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 + (a.atk - b.atk) is this correct ?
  3. Ed19

    How would you personally handle a large Party size?

    If the game's involving different timelines / scene(s), I could make the main character always playable, and you could make the other playable characters into groups, and bring them all when you've reached the end-game. During the end-game, the players should already get used to the casts.
  4. Ed19

    RMXP Your character in my game (too) !

    Hi, I'm sorry for a late reply, because I don't have internet on these past few days, the character is well done!
  5. Ed19

    RMXP Your character in my game (too) !

    Name: Eden Gender: Male Age: Adult (Around 25-27) Skin Colour: 5 (tan) Hair Colour and Style: Black (Medium) Eye Colour and Shape: (Neutral , Black) Clothes: Brown, short-sleeves shirt. He's equipped with a dagger. Accessories (Maybe?): Earring on the left ear, Wristband on the right hand...
  6. Ed19

    Flank Attack idea

    Hi I would like to have a skill , I call it : Flank Attack. This is an enemy's skill, so actors won't use this. This skill hits two times, and the first hit goes to the the 1st member and the second hit goes to the 4th member in your party. If the 4th member doesn't exist or already dead, the...
  7. Ed19

    RMMV How to make a state based on how many enemies remain?

    I think it could be done with eventing by using adding/removing states when each minion HP's is 0%, the general tactic for this boss is to kill off the minions as fast as possible, otherwise the players will be overwhelmed.
  8. Ed19

    RMMV How to make a state based on how many enemies remain?

    Please help on how to make a state based on how many enemies remaining ? for example : There are 1 Boss and 4 minions, the boss has an "ATK UP" aura that cannot be removed but it can be minimalized by killing the minions. when each minion is defeated the state effectiveness is reduced by 25%...
  9. Ed19

    Mana Regen & Player Abuse

    I think you can just remove the Mana Regen function instead, but in my game there's MP Regen on guard, but it will take a long time to regen MP to full, and all my healing spells cost MP by fixed + % amount (for example : 10+20% of Max MP), which it would encourage players to use MP healing...
  10. Ed19

    Do You Have Healing?

    I have one dedicated healer in my game (in which, he is the main character) , but there is no all-heal skills in my game. you can only heal at maximum of 2 party members at a time. however other characters in my game can equip healing runes that grants them healing spells, but it's less...
  11. Ed19

    Neka Music Resources

    Since I'm back again and this thread is alive again. I would like to share my recent composition. Download Link : Youtube Preview : A peaceful forest song, clearly inspired by Chrono Trigger's forest dungeon theme. Perfect for a village of the beginning or sort of things. 2. The Sworn...
  12. Ed19

    Neka Music Resources

    Hi there, you can credit me as : Ed19 / Neka Music.
  13. Ed19

    Favorite JRPG Bosses!!!

    Agree with Tales of Zestiria final boss, it tests you on how well you know the mechanic of the game.
  14. Ed19

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    My Massive Bridge dungeon. You can do a lot of parkour here. :wink:
  15. Ed19

    How to add common events before and after the skill is used

    Thanks it works perfectly.
  16. Ed19

    How to add common events before and after the skill is used

    Please help me how to add common events before and after the skill is used. So, the sequence is like this : *Skill begins* Common Event : 01 Skill cast, do damage Common Event : 02 *Skill ends* Is it possible by using Yanfly Battle Sequences ? Regards
  17. Ed19

    [MEDIA] composed another song!

    composed another song!
  18. Ed19

    Post Your Music

    I have composed more music (download link is available at the description of the video) The Rainy Capital - Perfect for a rainy and moody city. You could add the Rain BGS for the perfect combo. The Snow Runner - Snow field dungeon theme.
  19. Ed19

    [MEDIA] my new music - The Snow Runner (Perfect for a snow field dungeon)

    my new music - The Snow Runner (Perfect for a snow field dungeon)
  20. Ed19

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Been trying to explore the map by myself, I would lighten the map "a bit" So the forest itself is a lost settlement that has been cursed. causes the sun unable to shine the area, but trees can still live.

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