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  1. chungsie

    chungsie offers...

    def find_route_to(room,current,home,count,lst) #first create the depth search paramaters count += 1 #intialize the results each depth ram = 0 #check each connection per depth searched current.connected.each_with_index do |i, cnt| look_depth =
  2. chungsie

    Kalvgv 2 - Pet Systems/Mechanics

    Hi all. I'm developing a game that is meant as a sequel to my first game written in ruby. To catch you all up: Kalvgv is a mandrake, and a system for an interactive fiction I created first in ruby. The mandrake is a shaman who has a dream about a dungeon, wakes up in prison and escapes with his...
  3. chungsie

    Is this community interested?

    So I'm making this game and I was curious. I would like to write a tutorial for it, but is the community interested in western style art? One of the templates I plan to cover includes this walk cycle It would be a tutorial using Gimp, keyboard and mouse on windows 10. it would include making...
  4. chungsie

    My Face Generator

    So I am still in very early development stages. So far this is all the GUI is, I want to improve upon it today. But so far there are over 30 hair pieces, 5 head shapes, about a dozen ear pieces, only 4 nose types, and about a dozen beards. I think less than half a dozen eye shapes. Future...
  5. chungsie

    I'm Looking for recommendations on art podcasts

    Art in general, I mostly listen to podcasts while I paint in acrylics. But I need more. I spend lots of time painting, and so I listen through the available ones quickly. I use Winds on linux to listen to them, so I need a feed url. I don't like having bookmarks on chrome for the podcasts...
  6. chungsie

    How to make Player Object @through = true

    Right, so Game_CharacterBase does not explain how to change @through for anything other than an event which you can edit in the engine. How then, without dealing with passability of tiles, do you make a Player event through = true? I would like the player become through from another map. How do...
  7. chungsie

    Is there any kind individual(s) who can help with a website?

    I was invited to the local artist alliance. I need to setup a website so I can apply. The website should feature whatever categories I list myself under. I was considering using Wordpress but I don't know what template to use. I was going to list as: Acrylics Pixel Animator Comic Ink Abstract...
  8. chungsie

    RMVXA Elohan - by Chungsie

  9. chungsie

    Expecting Keyword End

    I know what the error message means. I have relocated the script to a brand new project, and I get the same results. However, I added the classes in one at a time to find where it breaks. class Window_Coin < Window_Base def initialize(x,y,w,h) super @timer = 0 @frame = 0 end...
  10. chungsie

    blinking text attempt

    I'm trying to make blinking text. To display Insert coin and have it appear and vanish every 2 seconds. I cannot find any tutorials for this, or documentation describing a method for this. class Window_Flash_Start < Window_Base def initialize(x,y,w,h) super contents.font.size = 42...
  11. chungsie

    Steam Key of Ace on Linux via Lutris

    Small graphical glitch. The icons when highlighted show set of icons underneath the program. Haven't found anything on google yet about it. I used a lutris installer, and have updated wine to latest staging. Any help is much appreciated.
  12. chungsie

    ideas for OST

    would these tracks be good for a western fantasy VN? I was thinking just some catchy tunes. if not, have you a suggestion?
  13. chungsie

    Needing a way to re position title text MV

    So I did some searching in the master list, and no title plugin does this. Can't find a script call for it either. Any suggestions? I just don't want his face covered by text, would be nice if the title "Voltan" were lower by the shield.
  14. chungsie

    Developing an Ebook Reader with ACE

    So I recently made a lot of progress on an Ebook Reader in ace. it still needs finagling to get things as I envision for it. My question is, what kind of features would people that would use the app for their publishing purposes? At the moment you cannot execute any code with a book, but can...
  15. chungsie

    Mom Got me an Early Birthday Present :)

    It's awesome. pseudocode for easy transference to C++ and Java and python.
  16. chungsie

    Could use some help with Windows

    I want to preference this with the warning that I feel insanity from trying this. I want to use[x, y, width, height]) to make a blank window, and avoid the title scene. What classes do I need to declare? I hope this won't break rules. But it doesn't feel intuitive atm. using...
  17. chungsie

    Any suggestions for writing a character?

    I know about the character diamond. And was wondering if there were more/other tools for writing a character for a game. I've tried google, but I can't find any relevant articles. Thanks in advance.
  18. chungsie

    I would like to discuss

    I was hoping to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the software with those who have been using it. There were some negative feedback on steam, and it got me to worrying the product maybe isn't worth it at this stage. My goals for a VN are telling stories (from my books) while using art...
  19. chungsie

    I drew a character, but uncertain what background to use

    Does anyone have an idea for the background to put with this character? I was thinking a planet facing a star or something.
  20. chungsie

    In your culture, what is an unlikely hero?

    To clarify, I am curious about lore around heroes that just aren't that mainstream at the moment, or ever. A conversation on a forum a while back had an author talking about skunks. Also, please don't just say what it is, explain how it is a hero. The idea being to bring new ideas to the world...

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