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  1. Gaiaman77

    The Seventh Warrior - OST Showcase

    Hi Everyone! (I hope this is being posted in relevant area, if not Im happy to be told to post elsewhere!) Its been a long time since I have used the forums due to me being very busy for all the right reasons, I've been busy making an album and writing music for games across several platforms...
  2. Gaiaman77

    My Band - Arcaeon

    Hi guys, thought I would share the works of my band here, we are a progressive metal band from the UK, one of the biggest influences on our work is actually video games, particularly RPGs. (Im the guitarist) I'll be posting more tracks and updates here from time to time for people to check...
  3. Gaiaman77

    FREE - Music for your projects! ^_^

    Hi guys, I put the feelers out a while back to find a project to work on the score and sound for. The project flopped  mid development, so rather than my efforts go to waste, please enjoy the music I created for it and use it as you see fit in your projects! let me know what your going to use it...
  4. Gaiaman77

    Need a free composer?

    *EDIT* I am now working on a title, but please feel free to view this as a portfolio. Hi! ^_^ I've joined the forums after remembering the joys of using RPG Maker 2K and remembering all the fun I had making games on that platform. I dont make self dev games anymore but I have been longing...

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