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  1. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    There are a bunch of other things I was planning on adding to the system, including an entire overhaul for the plugin but I ended up focusing on a lot of other stuff and took a break from my code. But yes the switch can help you control the radio in the way you wish, but you can always just do...
  2. AnnaMageis

    Yes and yes

    Yes and yes
  3. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    Made more updates. 1.2: • Added second station. • Cleaned up code and did some renaming. • Removed HUD until it has support for multiple stations. • Added support for Common Events between songs.
  4. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    I've made updates and the link has been updated too. 1.1: • Fixed song unmuting once song changes. • Added simplified HUD to show Station 1 and current song. • Added initial volume changing section.
  5. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    By default it will mute the radio on map change unless the specified "Personal Radio Switch" switch is ON. That way it's like you have an MP3 player or something. I originally had multiple playlists and its easily done, but I had to do only one playlist during coding because I ran into so many...
  6. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    Anna's Radio Plugin for RPG Maker MV Introduction This is a Plugin that allows a playlist of Audio files to play in the background of your game until you command the sound to unmute (i.e. turning on a radio). I've worked really hard on getting this to work on a basic level, and it's definitely...
  7. AnnaMageis

    Nelderson's MV Online Core

    Okay, I have many ideas to use with the Online Plugin, but I will only ask about 2 for now. Is there any way to "feed" or relay any character appearance changes, when another player changes an actor image on their end? I want to see players' new look upon change. The other is regarding an ABS...
  8. AnnaMageis

    silly idea that come to mind :P can we make a Sims game with MV :p

    This is a late response, but i've been doing games like what you describe for a long time now. I started with RPG Maker 2. I did it again in VX Ace, and now MV. It's actually a lot easier than people are saying... so I don't understand why your idea is being put down honestly. Best way is...
  9. AnnaMageis

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Cool, I like variety. Thank you.
  10. AnnaMageis

    How can I give more spice to an Action Battle System?

    I was wondering the same thing, but remembered the in-battle event system. Along with the other suggestions, if you use the default turn-based, you could spice up battles with background changes, transformations, dialogue, funny scenes, etc. 
  11. AnnaMageis

    Hello there!

    Hey TeaPatti! I'd be more than happy to give feedback on your projects. I'm big on testing things out, like mechanics and tend to do things normal players don't, lol. But take it one game at a time, and you'll get far. Welcome to RPG Maker!
  12. AnnaMageis

    Finally Going Public

    That team thing is my style. That sounds like my best bet. Thanks guys :D Dunno why it took this long for me to feel like talking. 
  13. AnnaMageis

    Finally Going Public

    I've never been interested in events sadly, though that would have been a great way to get started. I dislike deadlines most of the time, and don't particularly like competition. Thank you for the idea though, I'll still consider it. I say, gotta try before you can deny.
  14. AnnaMageis

    VX Ace Character Sprite - Captain Huh Ha

    I made this little piece based off of a character model in the old XtraNormal online animator. I made lots of funny videos on that site using that character. I named him Captain Huh Ha, and I wanted him in my RPG Maker game, so I made him. The sprite isn't perfect, and it was a little rushed...
  15. AnnaMageis

    Finally Going Public

    And Dekita shows himself, excellent. Thank you for the replies both of you. I'll keep all that in mind. Oh, and Dekita, excellent scripts. lol.
  16. AnnaMageis

    Finally Going Public

    Yeah, and it took me this long to say hi on this forum, lol. I've actually been on here quite a while and still haven't had much motivation o.o It's a cuuurrrsssee!
  17. AnnaMageis

    hi there

    Welcome Mihe! Hope you find this site helpful :)
  18. AnnaMageis


    Welcome Brad. I still consider myself pretty new even though I've been using this software for a couple years. It's a really fun thing to use for small games. Good for me because I have a big idea for a game, but can't seem to get it onto any other engine. If I can finally get myself to finish...
  19. AnnaMageis

    Finally Going Public

            Greetings all, my name is Clayton. I'm known in gaming as MageisHero, and Candon on the RPG MakerWeb Forums. I first started using RPG Maker when I bought RPG Maker 2 for PlayStation 2. I loved it so much, to be able to make anything. I made funny scenes and adventures. But anyway, I...

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