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  1. AnimeGirl

    [Search] The Game Bury in english

    I'm searching this game. Did someone know where I can get the english Version of it?
  2. AnimeGirl

    The Game Silver Creek Falls Chapter 1 doesn't start

    Hello I downloaded the Game "Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 1 from " 2015 Indie Game Making Contest. But the game does not start. It does not do anything. I have the RTP for VX, VX Ace and an older one installed. I have Windows 7 64 bit; AMD X2 Processor and 4 GB Memory and Onboard...
  3. AnimeGirl

    Startpost is missing

    The real Startpost with a Presentation of the Games and Links to download it is missing here.
  4. AnimeGirl

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    I didn't found a Birthday Thread for congratulations to the Birthday. So I make one myself. Her the Users can wish oder Users a Happy Birthday. The Reason for this Thread is simple. Because today is my Birthday. :)
  5. AnimeGirl

    Guten Tag and Hello

    Ich bin aus Deutschland wie einige hier. I'm from Germany like some of the oder Members in this Forum. Ich mag am liebsten Story RPGs ohne Kämpfe. Aber diese zusammen gedrückten Figuren im neuen RPG Maker mag ich gar nicht. >.< I like the most RPGs story games without fighting. But these...
  6. AnimeGirl

    2 Post per Day

    What's the meaning with the 2 Post per Day Rule? How long did a Newbie like me have this?

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