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  1. RampartCratylus

    A Revising "Book of Techniques"?

    This one is a bit off-kilter, but seeing as I'm brainstorming, I thought I'd ask. Essentially, for a spell-caster class, you'd have a book that determined what kinds of spell they could use. As you go through the game, you'd learn various words in the language contained in the tome, and...
  2. RampartCratylus

    "Wacky" Magic Mechanic

    In part inspired by the variations on the same spell I saw in Dissidia, I was thinking of having a mechanic in which if you put a character into a sleep status, his magic casting ability doesn't merely become stronger- but wackier, with additional effects as opposed to mere damage. For...
  3. RampartCratylus

    Battlefield "Enchantments"

    Despite the hi-falutin title for this topic, what I had in mind is really quite simple. In this game mechanic I was thinking of having a boss (for example) cast a spell- call it Curse 1.  This Curse would act in a sense to open up another menu of commands on the part of the boss, and even...
  4. RampartCratylus

    Kiseki Series and In-Depth Lore

    Hey y'all, I was wondering if any of you guys are fans of the various Kiseki titles. I am a total lore junkie, so to find a JRPG that had a compelling world and set of motivations for its characters was a veritable Godsend for an otherwise stuffy genre. I'm primarily amazed by their pacing...
  5. RampartCratylus

    My RPG story: Antagonists

    Hi everybody (again). I'm just posting little bits and pieces of my currently 'rather large' plot as a way of positing the essentials of my plot. I'm rather happy with it- and we'll have to see how it eventuates! The main villain's goal is an eternal war. In this capacity, he wishes to use war...
  6. RampartCratylus

    Some Plot Details for my game

    Hi, so last time I posted the setting for my game. The political disintegration of the world itself is thematic- so over the course of the game, your characters are privy to the effects that this has on the morale of nations and so forth. Of course, with plot layering going on this situation...
  7. RampartCratylus


    Hi everybody, it's great to finally join the forum! My interests are primarily in philosophy heavy plots and theory pertaining to the structure of stories and pacing. The intersection of the 'how' and the 'why' of the story.. I'm working on a rather large scale plot for a game at the moment...
  8. RampartCratylus

    Tentative highly involved RPG Plot: The Setting

    Hi everybody. I'm relatively new to making my own RPG games, but as I decided on a story in which to frame the game, I quickly realized that it might become too ambitious for a mere RPG maker plot. I'm posting it here though to see if anybody finds it interesting in the slightest. The big...

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