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  1. Popoto_milk

    I think that this forum's member posts should include their pronoun

    True. But there's no need to advertise such things. It's unnecessary. Just like I could put up my birthdate or gender or age. But I'd rather not. Info like that being up isn't always about being afraid of identification. It's simply a matter of privacy.
  2. Popoto_milk

    I think that this forum's member posts should include their pronoun

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of this idea. There's already spaces to put pronouns if you wish. And pronouns aren't super pertinent anyways. People simply quoting or responding by username is the dominant form of address on forums in general. Besides, the less personal info about me people know, the...
  3. Popoto_milk

    What Games Inspired You to RPGMake?

    You know what's absolutely crazy about this? It spawned an anime series. But I'm sure you knew that, considering your avatar. Anime sourced from games are rare enough as is (visual novels aside), but one from an RPG Maker game...that is most certainly a first.
  4. Popoto_milk

    3 out of 5 is firmly mediocre. Not good, not bad. A viable choice if you really need to, but you...

    3 out of 5 is firmly mediocre. Not good, not bad. A viable choice if you really need to, but you should look elsewhere first.
  5. Popoto_milk

    Books: Do you really bother to read them?

    I try to read as much as I can since story is important to me. Usually don't read everything though. This really is key. The longer your book is, the more important being readable becomes. A long book either needs to pull in the player's interest more than usual. like telling a story similar...
  6. Popoto_milk

    What would a "scholar" class do?

    This is sort of how it works in ffxiv. Arcanists manipulate aether(magic) using precise geometric shapes iirc. Don't remember much about the scholar job specifically though. As for my own ideas, a scholar could be a theologist. Someone who invokes the powers of multiple religions to fight...
  7. Popoto_milk

    How many PAID video games do you have?

    on steam alone, ~150 games. Counting other sources, probably closer to 200 right now. In recent years, I've made a conscious effort to severely reduce if not halt buying more games. ~33% of my steam games are completed so far. If we take actually playing your steam library into account, 85...
  8. Popoto_milk

    Vampirism, Lycanthropy, and...?

    I've seen a fair share of media over the years where one can become a demon....either a genuine, full-one or something that's still extremely demonic, but missing that last little bit to become an actual one. I don't know what your lore is like, but it's not necessarily only a race thing in...
  9. Popoto_milk

    What makes a good side Quest? Give us examples

    Not sure if you'd count these as side quests or not considering their arguable importance towards the last mission, but the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2 stick out to me. It was really nice to not only know your companions better, but also help them when they needed it. There was some...
  10. Popoto_milk

    Conveying to player what enemy skills do

    Letting your players experience it for themselves is probably inevitable to a degree. That said, special prompts and animations can convey that information. I've also seen games use status effects.
  11. Popoto_milk

    Why do people make a good game for free?

    Free games can act as a "dry run" for a dev/team. The pressure to deliver a quality product & support isn't as high with free stuff so you can focus on learning from the release. If it's short, a free game can also be a low-commitment way to see how a team works together
  12. Popoto_milk

    DnD/RPG games and development suggestions?

    Maybe looking at tabletop webcomics or stories will help? I don't do TTRPGs, but I found Darths and Droids to be quite entertaining. It might get you in the mood if nothing else.
  13. Popoto_milk

    What makes a JRPG "streamable"?

    Streamers/youtubers themselves are a big part of why people watch that type of content to begin with. The best games for streaming are more gameplay focused with a degree of randomness. Games which allow for collabs between personalities are great for this too. Gotta agree with KawaiiKid on...
  14. Popoto_milk

    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Put in a name change request some time last week. Please check on that. Thanks.
  15. Popoto_milk

    How cringy was the dialogue in your old/first RPGs?

    Unpopular(?) opinion: A lot of stuff here really isn't that bad. Some of it isn't that good mind you, but I really don't see writing too egregious (if at all) with a lot of posts.
  16. Popoto_milk

    Anonymity, identity, implications, and solutions

    Ngl, didn't read the entirety of this, but looks good for what I did read/skim. I do have some thoughts on gatekeeping: There really are two definitions floating around. Both are gatekeeping. The first is your traditional "if you're a fan of x, name [obscure, minutiae detail]." It's little...
  17. Popoto_milk

    Demo Length

    A demo should be the bare minimum required to get a feel for the most pertinent aspects of the game. I don't want to be spoiled (something long demos tend to do) or have to excessively re-do part of the game. Aside from that, there are good points and bad points to cut things short. You gotta...
  18. Popoto_milk

    How do you use TP in your game, if at all?

    In the past, FFXIV used TP. Iirc it was mainly used for disciples of war. TP slowly regenerated and was a full bar by default (it started at 1000). So you could use your abilities for a sustained amount of time, but doing so without any regard for TP level meant eventually reaching 0. Not RPG...
  19. Popoto_milk

    Uniform names vs custom names for equipment.

    Custom names are more interesting and add a bit more flavour. That is my preference. Uniform names are neat at first, but get old after a while. And tbh, similar wordings more or less have the same consistency anyways. Cracked/ruined/rusted all say the same thing - this equipment is little more...
  20. Popoto_milk

    Can someone recommend me Visual Novels for inspiration

    Fata Morgana. The Pirate's Fate. The former is a kinetic novel, while the latter is much more choice driven.

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