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  1. Raybrite

    Skills or Items

    I have made skills named Ice2, Ice3, Ice4, and Fire 2, Fire3, and Fire4. Now I am finding that I could also have made these as Items to be sold in the store as individuals with a price. If they are Items, it should encourage more battles to gain more money to get them. If they are skills...
  2. Raybrite

    Round World?

    Is it possible to make my world wrap around so that when you go off one side, you come back on on the other side so it is round instead of flat? I don't want to use scripts unless absolutely necessary as I don't know how to insert them. thanks, Ken
  3. Raybrite

    What is the correct order?

    I am going through the tutorials and am wanting to make assets for my game. I must make Actors, Classes, Skills, Items, weapons, Armor, etc. What is the correct order to create these? I am not using script, only the resources that come with MV. thanks, Ken
  4. Raybrite

    Where can I get some information on setting up Players and enemies?

    I managed to get all the resources from Steam into my database but when I try to find an enemy I must set up all the parameters. The only thing I really have is the image. If I am asking something that needs scripts, where can I learn those? I am left right now with just adding HP to the enemies...
  5. Raybrite


    I am coming over from VX Ace. I have made games with that program and it seems to have many more icons than MV. I realize I downloaded some extra assets that don't seem to be much more than I had before I downloaded them. When I open my database it looks empty compared to the one I have on VX...
  6. Raybrite

    What specs are recommended for my computer?

    I have a computer that meets the basic requirements for MV. I have about 10 maps in my game and not it stops to download things because it seems to be too slow. What are the recommended specs for a computer to run a game with 300X300 size world. My game is only 100X100 and that seems to be too...
  7. Raybrite

    Confused about downloads

    I purchased MV and have 6 files to download. It looks like the top three are the same as the bottom 3 except for size. Do I need to download and install all 6 of them or what? It looks like there are not many resources with the top three. Only a few basics. Thanks, Ken
  8. Raybrite

    Turn on the Side View?

    How do I turn on the side view? I have the manual for VX Ace and a lot seems familiar but I cannot find anywhere to turn on the side view. Thanks, Ken
  9. Raybrite

    Maximum Map Size

    I have been looking for about an hour and cannot find the answer. I would like to know what is the maximum map size I can build? I put in 400 high and 400 wide and it looks like the original size. Thanks, I know this is a very elementary question. Thanks for bearing with me.
  10. Raybrite

    How do I control the lighting in a Scene?

    I have a dungeon and I want to make it a bit darker. Is there some way I can do this? I haven't found it in the help file or these forums. Thanks, Ken
  11. Raybrite

    Team Can't Keep Up

     I am beginning to figure this out. I have added a mage to the team and have her following the hero around.  The problem is that she cannot keep up with him. She disappears and then reappears while they are traveling.  Sometimes she is not visable present when a fight starts although she does...
  12. Raybrite

    How do I rotate items?

     I want to place chairs around a table but all the chairs are facing down. How do I rotate them?  I couldn't find it in the Help manual.
  13. Raybrite

    How will we know?

     How will we know if a tile set for sale (The Time Fantasy one) will work with MV or if tt is just for older versions.  I don't want to buy a Tile set and then have to spend a day trying to make it work in MV.  thanks
  14. Raybrite

    Unable to set a region for enemies

    I am trying to set up a region to place enemies like I did in VX Ace but that section doesn't seem to be there or work right. I found the regions in the map section but it is only good for one block and doesn't seem to be doing anything. How does this work?  I want to set up a region with...
  15. Raybrite

    Start with only one hero?

    Is it possible to start with one hero and add the other members in the game? My games all start with a team of 4.
  16. Raybrite

    Its the 23rd here

    Too bad we are 12 hours ahead of the East coast. Shucks. I can wait another 24 hours.
  17. Raybrite

    Where is GG Maker?

    I notice they sell GG Maker but there is no forum here for it. Is this an oversight?
  18. Raybrite

    Do I have to learn all over again?

     After a few years I am relearning RPG Maker VX Ace. I just had the thought cross my mind that I may be just spinning my wheels because in two weeks MV will be out and this may all be useless to me in the new game system.  Will the things I am relearning now still be used in MV or do I have to...
  19. Raybrite

    Start a New Game or Wait?

    I am wondering if it would be better to begin a game using vx ace or wait for MV to come out in two weeks. I could get everything planned out and then make it then or just make it now with what I have now.
  20. Raybrite

    Where do you get ideas for a game?

    Where do you get ideas for your games? It seems everything I think of, I have either already used or someone else has.

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