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  1. AnnaMageis

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    Anna's Radio Plugin for RPG Maker MV Introduction This is a Plugin that allows a playlist of Audio files to play in the background of your game until you command the sound to unmute (i.e. turning on a radio). I've worked really hard on getting this to work on a basic level, and it's definitely...
  2. AnnaMageis

    VX Ace Character Sprite - Captain Huh Ha

    I made this little piece based off of a character model in the old XtraNormal online animator. I made lots of funny videos on that site using that character. I named him Captain Huh Ha, and I wanted him in my RPG Maker game, so I made him. The sprite isn't perfect, and it was a little rushed...
  3. AnnaMageis

    Finally Going Public

            Greetings all, my name is Clayton. I'm known in gaming as MageisHero, and Candon on the RPG MakerWeb Forums. I first started using RPG Maker when I bought RPG Maker 2 for PlayStation 2. I loved it so much, to be able to make anything. I made funny scenes and adventures. But anyway, I...

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Hey is there an MZ set of D&D style plugins yet?
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Is it ok to repost stuff that i've posted to threads in the status feed?
If so, here's art of Shiloh, the main protagonist of the game i'm making:20220807_181702.jpg
They are meant to be ambiguous in gender, like Frisk from Undertale or Gogo from FFVI. I haven't decided what their age will be yet. Any ideas?
Please comment what you think about the art and design!

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