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  1. Killok

    Yanfly Lunatic Paramaters Help!

    I am trying to get a spell that adds a state, while the state is active all MDF(rst) is added on as additional LUK(bst) for the duration. I currently have the state notetag as <custom LUK> Glean </custom LUK>   in the script I have added               when /Glean/i               total =...
  2. Killok

    Auction House Script

    I am looking for a script that somewhat turns a Shop into an Auction House, here's how it would function 10 Specific items will be selected by chance from the script(ItemList) and sold at a % Rate of original price, each time you enter/exit this shop the 10 items will vary as will tier prices...
  3. Killok

    Pseudo-Online If,Then,Else Script

    I am looking for help making a script that checks your internet connectivity but doesn't actually connect you to the internet.  Is this possible in game? Would it be an extensive script? I am basically looking for this because it is a perquisite for another script that I plan on having later...
  4. Killok

    Scaling 'Features' from Parameter Script

    Just looking for a little extra customization when it comes to Skill Creation. I am looking for a script that will change *State Efficiency* depending on the casting character to further elaborate- the parameters of the casting character (CharacterA) will effect the "Features" area under...
  5. Killok

    Double Hit ability

    Is it possible to make an ability hit X amount of times and have one set cost, automatically without scripitng? Think of Pokemon Pin-Missile.
  6. Killok

    State/Buff/Debuff Icon Zoom

    Is there a script I can add that will zoom out the loaded icon sizes to about half, so they dont take up as much room during the battle?
  7. Killok

    PvP Start Screen Option

    I know this is kindof a longshot, as I have not seen nearly as many VX multi-player scripts as compared to XP. I was wondering if at all possible, to make a start screen option that selects the first actor in each party of two save files and allows them to start a battle scene against eachother...
  8. Killok

    Note Editor Script Request

    Can someone help me with making a Common event script that will clear actor 001's note description then change it to a string that is determined by (X) + a variable + (Y)? (variable ID 0001) Ex: X= asd Variable  = 123 Y=Z Actor note change upon running script would look like asd123Z
  9. Killok

    Equipped items note Reader

    I need a script that will read equipped item notes with the same hash as unequipped items.   Why? I am trying to make a custom Armor system for actors that works through note text.   for example:   ACTOR NOTE TEXT---> battler[Lion] (would turn the actor sprite to a lion by looking for battler...
  10. Killok

    Custom Battler Graphic System

    I have looked into a couple of different custom battler systems, none of which have worked for me. I have tried to edit them myself but I have failed utterly, I want to keep it simple- yet customisable... I got the closest to what I am looking for using CP's Battle system but I am not that...

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