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  1. Set images according to language; work?

    Hi, the code you set there, like _es, does that match with the code setup in Language Configuration View? If you right click the language and select Edit, is that the code?
  2. Set images according to language; work?

    Hi, you have to add the language code of the selected language to your image files with a suffix e.g. _en as you already have done. The code must match with the code you setup for the language in Language Configuation.
  3. Error when porting the game

    Hi, I attached a modified migration script. You have to paste it into vn-maker install folder/migrations and replace the existing one. Then try again.
  4. How to create moving panorama background?

    Hi, I am not sure if that is what you need but you can just use Scroll Background command?
  5. Error when porting the game

    Hi mardin, I can understand your frustration about the migration, which is why we kept the previous version v1093 active which you can still choose and which is recommended for existing projects in case of migration issues. And I actually thought this would be a good solution for you for now...
  6. How to set up Ruby Text?

    Hi, if you want to use custom styles, the best is to create a new style script because if you edit the original scripts directly your changed might be overriden by migration on an update. There you can define any styles starting with "rubyText-" and add any number like "rubyText-2" to...
  7. Polygonal Hotspots

    Hi, you have to go to Tools > Preferences > Application and uncheck "Original Size Preview" checkbox to fix it.
  8. Polygonal Hotspots

    Hi, thanks for the feature request, I think you can use the Add Hotspot command setting with Shape to "Pixel" to get a pixel perfect shape. Maybe that could be a workaround for you.
  9. What is the color setting in the Collections tab for Characters even for?

    I wonder what you mean with "at the top". You can use Set Message target to make the message area the current one and then use Message Settings with Use Character Color to yes.
  10. Ability to switch out images in resource folder?

    Hi, I think you have to go to VN Makers installation folder and then go inside the Resources folder. There are different files you would need to modify. I think splash_screen.png is the splash screen in the beginning. For the home-view, I think home_pattern.png, logo.png or logo2.png and some...
  11. Ability to switch out images in resource folder?

    Hi, I actually have difficulties to understand what you actually want to do. Can you describe it a bit more?
  12. What is the color setting in the Collections tab for Characters even for?

    Hi, unfortunately this is an issue with the new update but the actual cause is unknown to us. A workaround is to double-click the button, then it will be not blank. It allows you to define character's color which is used for the Name displayed in the message box. I think Message Settings...
  13. CoffeeScript VNM Patches

    Fixes the issue that a random background get stuck in transition screen and becomes always visible if menu is entered, scene is changed, etc. Installation
  14. Save Locations for Web Build

    Hi, for Web Export the Browser-Storage is used which is bound to the domain/web-address I think. If you want to delete it you could either use a Script or try to look into the AppData of your browser but it might be very cryptic since each Browser handles it in an own custom way I think. Maybe...
  15. [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    Hi, animations are like pictures in that case, so just use Erase Picture command. All other picture commands should work as well I think.
  16. CoffeeScript VNM Patches

    Allows to use Variables for Pan Screen command. Installation Create a new CoffeeScript File in Script Editor under Components > Interpreter from VNM Version 1.0.1101 and into Components directly if you are on version 1.0.1093. Make sure that the new script file is below all other scripts in...
  17. CoffeeScript VNM Patches

    Fixes the issue that Screen Tining, Rotating, Zooming and Panning is not restored correctly after loading a game save or coming back from another scene. (like a scene-based menu). VNM Version 1.0.1093/1.0.1101 Installation Create a new CoffeeScript File in Script Editor under Components >...
  18. How to disable the message caret in certain show messages

    Hi, to hide the caret, use a Script command with: $gameMessage.subObjects[1].opacity = 0 to make it visible again use $gameMessage.subObjects[1].opacity = 255 that should do it for standard message area. You use standard or multiple custom message areas? In case of custom message areas it...
  19. Display only one line of text at a time in Show Message?

    Hi, I think you could try to use Create Message Area and Set Message Target command to create a custom message area which only has the height of one line of text. VNM has a message batching features so if your text doesn't fit into the box it is auto splitted into two messages displayed. But...
  20. How to disable the message caret in certain show messages

    Okay, maybe I can provide you a script soon. Technically it should be just one line of script to be used with Script command.

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