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  1. Zero_G

    RMMZ Functions that require more processing time

    Keeping in mind what Andar said, you can see how much time a piece of code is taking to execute in YOUR computer. You can do that using console.time . Let me give you an example console.time('name of time 1'); // Some javascript code console.timeEnd('name of time 1'); and this would output in...
  2. Zero_G

    Japanese horse racing game translation?

    You can always use DeepL and Google Translate to help you understand it
  3. Zero_G

    Requesting a Patch to the RPG Maker MV Plugin Manager

    Yeah, and for booleans I do this $.params = PluginManager.parameters(scriptName); var boolParameter = ($.params['boolean parameter'].trim() === 'true');
  4. Zero_G

    [Solved] Is there a way to change the position of a Window from within an Event?

    The gold window itself is drown (including its position) each time the menu is opened. So it's as simple as adding adding a check for lets, say a switch, to determine the default position or the altered position.
  5. Zero_G

    In some situations, Alt+Tabbing out of my game causes the music to cut out.

    By extension I mean, if it's ogg, mp3, wav... etcetera. This may be a problem with your computer, so try converting the music to another format and try again, also try this in another pc and see if the problem replicates.
  6. Zero_G

    In some situations, Alt+Tabbing out of my game causes the music to cut out.

    What is the extension of the music of those maps? Did you try updating nwjs for the "release" version? (Link)
  7. Zero_G

    RMMZ Plugin for Cloning events?

    Did you try it that plugin in MZ to see if it works? There's the plugin Call Event, also from Yanfly, that has a similar functionality. It lets you call pages from other events. I personally use it a lot. To sort of mimic the function of the plugin you want, you will need to make a map for...
  8. Zero_G

    Conveying to player what enemy skills do

    Nice recommendations from MarxMayhem. I could add, let's say the player sees a normal enemy use a skill that does a buff of one level of attack during a normal fight. That buff could be marked with a yellow star icon. Next during the boss fight you could use a similar skill, but with a violet...
  9. Zero_G

    wolf rpg

    No, WolfRPG uses it's own scripting language. Though you may find similar scripts/plugins already made, sadly most of the documentation and descriptions are in japanese, same with its community. If you manage to get past that, WolfRPG is a powerful and nice game engine.
  10. Zero_G

    RMMZ Multithread on MZ?

    Theoretically, yes, but as I said, it requires a lot of work, reading the documentation of how worker threads work, and a good understanding of Rpg Maker javascript code. For that there is a separate thread discussing it. In short it's a sort of "layer" for Unity so, yes it uses C#
  11. Zero_G

    RMMZ Multithread on MZ?

    It seems to be possible with SharedBufferArray and Atomic objects, look at this article. This also should be possible with Node implementation of worker threads and it's preferred as it's more cleaner. Though doing any of this will require a lot of work and may not be as plug and play as you...
  12. Zero_G

    RMMZ Multithread on MZ?

    You could also use Worker Threads form Node Link. But yeah following what Poryg says, this would only be useful if you are developing a plugin that uses intense processing.
  13. Zero_G

    Implementing Pause for Game Playtime

    Here is a pause screen script I've been using that does pause the playtime. Either use that or, look at the code that pauses the game time (Frame Update and frame count). Orochii Zouveleki's Pause Screen
  14. Zero_G

    Is VX Ace still worth it now?

    Personally I like the sprites and tilesets of ACE better than MV/MZ
  15. Zero_G

    RMMV Disabling the message box opening and closing animation

    Ah, yes, the plugin you shared is doing it wrong. Let me give it a try to make a working one. EDIT: And here it is, this one should work properly. Disable CAETHYRIL's one, and use this one instead. Contact me if it gives you problems
  16. Zero_G

    RMMV Disabling the message box opening and closing animation

    I remember doing something like this for VX ACE some time ago, I don't know well how it behaves in MV. The message system should trigger the opening animation only at beginning of text and closing animation at the end. So if your event has text, text, text, there should be only one opening and...
  17. Zero_G

    RMMV A Plugin similar to "Autosave", like a Checkpoint Save?

    Felskis AutoSave Plugin should be what you are looking for, you can disable all auto save functionality and only use the plugin command (AUTOSAVE) to save in events created by you. I also recommend that you use the modification I made for that plugin so that the focus is not set to that save...
  18. Zero_G

    RMMV How to save text in file as a string to be put in message box?(Solved)

    I see you already solved it, but you could also work with json files, here is the function to read a json file: function readFile(file){ let absolutePath = process.cwd(); if(!absolutePath.includes('www')) absolutePath = absolutePath + '\\www'; absolutePath = absolutePath + '\\' +...
  19. Zero_G

    Choice Message Box

    Just to give an alternate (pseudo) solution. The method that controls the position of the choice boxes is Window_ChoiceList.prototype.updatePlacement if you want to fiddle with it.
  20. Zero_G

    fullscreen ++ is finally pixel perfect but only when not in-game?

    I would assume there are external factors into account, this discussion appears multiple times in the script thread. For instance in my pc it would always be pixel perfect, and by no means I can make it display with antialias.

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