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  1. pennylessz

    Does anyone know good tilesets I could use as placeholders? (MZ)

    Edit: This post needs to be moved to resource requests, my apologies. I'm trying to keep away from the normal RPG Maker look with the creation of our game, and we got a really nice and poppy looking fantasy tileset as a placeholder, since we're currently focusing on character creation, but it...
  2. pennylessz

    RMMZ Plugin for Title Screen customization?

    I have a picture already selected with a box on it to put Title Screen text into, but I can't seem to really do much editing. There is no way to draw the title in a certain area and at a certain size. I changed the font of the title options using Eli Font Manager, but the transparent box isn't...
  3. pennylessz

    RMMZ Plugin for animated front Battle Enemies?

    I need a plugin that could animate say, 4 frames for idle and 8 frames for attacking. Even if it can't do that, anything that animates front view would be a step in the right direction, I could commission someone to help me with my specific requirements. Does anyone here have any idea how to do...
  4. pennylessz

    Can I use 52x52 character sprites, or am I not understanding how this works?

    I accidentally made a sprite slightly too large, because I forgot that the sprites I'm using have a shadow at the bottom, so I would need to make the sprite bigger by about 4 pixels in the Y axis. I don't really know how this works, so I assume 48x52 isn't a possible sprite. If someone could...
  5. pennylessz

    I'm ordering animated sprites that will be upscaled to 128x128 for my game, is this an okay size?

    I'm using the old style of battle, front view or whatever it's called. I want animated enemy sprites. 4 frames for idle, and 8 frames for attacks. I want to make sure this is an okay size and that there's a plugin out there which would let me have animations like this. Can someone offer some help?
  6. pennylessz

    RMMZ Plugin that allows for an large/infinite number of an actor.

    I'm trying to make an RPG where you can buy characters, and theoretically you should be able to buy as many as you want of any one character. To do that, I have to make several entries for the same character, and then with the Suikoden Tavern plugin they can be stored. Issue is, I can't just...

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