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  1. RMMV Another Day : The Last Song

    Another Day : The Last Song Story ( Ep 1 ) : A story tell about a boy and a girl were young. When Yurika is 7 years old , she is very talented playing the piano and can compose her own songs. Soft and talented but she's a shy girl. Shirou, the experimenter with special eyes by doctor in...
  2. Another Day

    Story: Chapter 1: The world is divided between the hunters and the hunted. Those that are hunted are just regular people. These are the men and women that fight against the hunters as best they can. Those that hunt are super-human. These are the men and women that show no emotion, murder...

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The hub city in my game is kind of driving me nuts. XD Not only have I kept remaking it, there are still locations I haven't placed because I can't figure out how to "blend" them in. Lol.
I've always liked Pixel Art World's and XP's graphics, so I was glad that MZ's 1.6.0 update let me use them for my IGMC game!VillageHall2.png
So the other day I saw my sister-in law, niece and nephews in the drive-thru lane behind me and I paid for their order as I got mine. I asked her today if she enjoyed her free meal the other day or paid it forward and she said she didn't get a free meal that day...I'm torn between whether my sister-in-law is a liar or whether the drive thru guy brazenly stole from me.
Here's my Discord Server
this server is nearly dying but I'm gonna post it anyway.
Tfw blocking people doesn't stop them interacting with your content.

What a life!

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