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  1. chrrsy

    RMMV Displaying Sprites in the Main Menu Scene

    How could I go about adding a image/sprite in the main menu scene? Thanks!
  2. chrrsy

    How to crash an RPG Maker MV game intentionally?

    I want to get RPG Maker MV to crash/throw up an authentic error message for a part of a game. How can I do this? To be clear, I don't want to simulate a crash -- I want a genuine crash that'll put up an error message, and one that would be able to triggered at a certain point during gameplay...
  3. chrrsy

    Backwards-facing computer tile

    Does anyone know of a backwards-facing version of the default RTP desktop tile that's in the SF_Inside_B tileset? Thanks in advance.
  4. chrrsy

    Scale Battler Sprites

    Hello! I'm wondering if there is a plugin that exists that can scale battler images. I have a lot of battlers that are too small to use, and it would be better if I didn't have to manually upsize all of them. Thanks :D
  5. chrrsy

    VE Battle Command Window Help

    Plugin that I'm referring to: @Victor Sant Hello! I'm using Victor Sant's "Battle Command Window." I want to replicate the feature shown at 1:05 in the video, but I'm not exactly sure how. I've left a comment on...
  6. chrrsy

    SV Actor Offset

    Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that can offset the SV Actor's original position. For example, from this: To this: Does anyone know of a plugin that can do this?
  7. chrrsy

    Image-Based Menu Help

    Hello! I'm trying to create an image-based title screen. The problem is that I don't know how to enable arrowkey control to select an option in the menu. I also need help with detecting whether the cursor has selected an option, so I can change the image to a highlighted version and indicate...
  8. chrrsy

    Quasi Movement Help?

    So I recently started parallax mapping, but the grid-based boundaries kind of annoyed me. I discovered Quasi Movement and found that it supported image-based collisions. It seems that their website is down, so I have no idea how to use it. Help? If not, do you know of any other plugins that will...
  9. chrrsy

    Overwritten Tilesets' Changes Not Appearing in the Editor

    Hi! I recently purchased Celianna's Ancient Dungeons Base and Jungle Pack for RMVXA. Because I use MV, I had to resize the tilesets to the correct size. I had no problem doing so with the Jungle tiles, but during the process of resizing the base pack I ran into an issue. After resizing TileA4_2...
  10. chrrsy

    Character Bust Graphic

    Resource Type: Character Bust Graphic Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: Realistic/Anime Description: I need one bust image, and that's all. he should be wearing a white tank top, have black hair, and have tan skin, as well as white wristbands on each arm. Reference Images: Thank you so much!

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