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  1. Dragonic_L

    Depths of Dread

    Creating an isometric game with Rpg Maker engine mechanics looks very interesting, the battle system and the characters are very well made. I should give it a try in my free time!
  2. Dragonic_L


      • CHARACTERS DESCRIPTION ADDED • TWO NEW SCREENSHOTS ADDED   ABOUT GAME DEVELOPMENT: • Completed the ABS system; • New zombies added; • Creation of other enemies inspired by Nobihaza's one; • A demo will be released soon as possible!   Thank you for...
  3. Dragonic_L


    The characters' portraits are amazing, I like them. Your project sound interesting, I'll wait the next update to know more features. Good luck!
  4. Dragonic_L

    Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Love this utility!!! Thaaaaankk you!!
  5. Dragonic_L

    Ikku - Chapter 1

    Like you style, man! Looks very interesting and...  Sono italiano anche io! (I'm italian too!)
  6. Dragonic_L


    @BaconWithoutEgg Yes, Nobihaza (the original game) is based on Resident Evil mechanics. My game had something similar, for example the animated ECG as game hud and other features in development! Thank you for your appreciation!
  7. Dragonic_L


        About Lilyhazard Lilyhazard is a survival horror fangame inspired by "Nobihaza", a free japanese game's series made with RPG MAKER by "". My project is not a remake of the original one like the other fangame; Lilyhazard tells a new story where new characters...
  8. Dragonic_L

    P.T. Silent Memories (Silent Hills) BETA RELEASED

    Oh, looks interesting, I'll wait for news. Good luck for your project!
  9. Dragonic_L

    Long Gone Days (DEMO) [NOW on Indiegogo]

    Oh man...pixel art, story, battle system... It's all incredible! I'm impressed, love this game!
  10. Dragonic_L

    RMXP Erayu

    Congratulations for finishing! I like your style!
  11. Dragonic_L

    Hello! ^~^

    Welcome to the forum! Good Luck for your projects!
  12. Dragonic_L

    Hi Guys! :)

    @amaSenpai Yes! I love Ace Attorney, I played all the chapters on the DS and -I hope soon XD- I will play Dual Destines on 3DS.
  13. Dragonic_L

    Hi Guys! :)

    @Rikifive Hahahaha! Thank You :)
  14. Dragonic_L

    I need a name for my villain/s!

    It could be "Climacus", "Stropha",  "Bivirga", "Oriscus". They are the names of several "neumes" (from the latin word "Neuma"), a medieval musical notation that indicated the general shape to be sung (in a simple way a group of notes inone symbol.). You can also use "Quodlibet". It is a...
  15. Dragonic_L

    Remnants of Twilight: Age of Arius

    Wow! It's so cool, the game's screenshots are incredible. Very well done!
  16. Dragonic_L

    Moving Through events, but not in impassable tileset

    Thank you! it's Perfect!
  17. Dragonic_L

    Moving Through events, but not in impassable tileset

    Hello there! :) The topic's title speak itself. In my game I need a plugin that allow an event to move through an other event, but not in impassable tileset (wall etc...). I tried to recreate this effects with events, but it doesn't work and I'm newbie in js, I can't create a plugin...
  18. Dragonic_L

    Hi Guys! :)

    Thank You, guys! :)
  19. Dragonic_L

    Hi Guys! :)

    Hello Everybody! ^^ My name's Dragonic_L, but you can just call me Dragon, I'm 19 and I study Law, but playing games and making them were my passion since I was a child. I joined the forum in November, but I wasn't active. I'm not a newbie at all, because I started rpg making 8 years ago...

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