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  1. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    study these functions: Game_Action.prototype.setSubject = function(subject) { if (subject.isActor()) { this._subjectActorId = subject.actorId(); this._subjectEnemyIndex = -1; } else { this._subjectEnemyIndex = subject.index(); this._subjectActorId = 0...
  2. Virtual Grid Combat Engine

    modified scope x and + with help from some utility functions to check for fellow targets: gridColumn, gridRow, gridCheckered (using clever bitwise operations) more options for more nuanced placements of each character on the screen formation window next. seems hefty task.
  3. [Dev] Bit Switches - using a variable to store a bunch of switches

    if 0 is off, then you compare to 0. if (0bnnnn & 0b0011 == 0) // both switches are off if (0bnnnn & 0b0011 == 0b0011) // both switches are on if (0bnnnn & 0b0011) // at least one switch is on
  4. First RPG game you ever played

    probably Ultima IV
  5. Idea - a game without text

    this is quite an intresting challenge. i have an idea that could be adapted for this challenge. character progression included and makes sense.* it's an action RPG about monsters fighting and eating monsters. * Once again SaGa 2 comes through with the inspiration. cf. Zelda games dont have...
  6. Virtual Grid Combat Engine

    you can now change the grid size. however note that the RPG maker editor only allows up to 8 enemies per troop. so if you want more than 8, you have to find ways to add them. editing the json files should work, but i havent tried it. working on customizable dynamic interface. options for number...
  7. What makes combat satisfying for you?

    combat feels lika a chore if too generic and repetitive and unchallenging. every action and decision should be different. not just continuously hitting "attack" a million times. good examples saga 2, saga frontier magic should be encouraged more. why can one "attack" nonstop and never get...
  8. Scripters: Is not including TouchPad to selecting commands a bad design?

    the RTP menu classes have builtin support for touch/mouse. that's the whole point of inheritance and classes. you dont have to do anything unless you need extra functionalities not already provided (e.g. mouse scrolling).
  9. You tried to escape...And failed! (Repeat 5 times and die). Or...How fair should running away be?

    while maximizing player satisfaction is a noble goal, otoh too much coddling and always giving players an free pass is not necessarily a good thing. some of best moments in gaming are not just the stories of success, but the most epic stories may be the close failures.
  10. What is the feature in RPG that instantly makes you interested in trying?

    1. alternative progression mechanics. ex. Saga 2 , Saga Frontier 2. fluid, customizable characters. ex. Saga 2 , The Elder Scrolls 3. creative battle system. ex.Saga 2, Warsong 4. creative equipment and skill system. ex Saga 2, Guild Wars 2
  11. Virtual Grid Combat Engine

    Virtual Grid Combat Engine Virtual Grid Combat Engine places the party and the enemies in square grids. The party members are placed in 2x2 and the enemies are placed in 3x3. This allows additional strategic skills and items that attack an entire column or row of enemies. (The RTP only...
  12. How did you get your username?

    Portmanteau , Amuse + Museum = Amuseum , or museum of amusements, appropriate for an aspiring game designer
  13. What is the name you gave to your computer?

    I name them after my favorite Asian singers
  14. Mapping of old RPG games.

    The most memorable map designs are from early Might and Magic series and Zelda series. Both are puzzle oriented and theme oriented. Link's Awakening and MM games let you check the map layout in-game. LA dungeons' overall shapes resemble the boss or other appropriate shape. Probably the best...
  15. Card and Deck base

    You can play the card games in my testing ground in my sig. Go to your room in the 2nd floor and click the green table.
  16. JC's Retro Game Tunes

    Nice work. Digging "The Ice Cave of Magical Bunnies"
  17. Card and Deck base

    I'll share the files now so you can play with it and give feedback. There's still more stuff to add (like tapping cards sideways and plugin commands), but this should provide a good base for simple card games. CardDeck.js Casino.js CardDeck.js is the core file. Casino implements the card...
  18. I messed up my Font File

    remove the dumb quotes and use straight quotes: "" tell your text editor or word processor to quit replacing quotes with dumb quotes.
  19. Light around a campfire/lantern

    if you can maybe modify the Tint screen command to tint at an (x,y) and a radius...
  20. Is there a downside in extracting or checking all members in a function?

    loops are fast, simplest, and most versatile, so try that first. you can break out of it early when you find the match. foreach and map are limited in application and performance of the browsers' implementations of them is questionable, and you can't break out of them early. there are no...

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