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  1. subengari

    RMMZ createDisplayObjects command execution order

    Salve, fellow makers! Behold the following snippet: Based on the first function, Scene_Map.prototype.createDisplayObjects, it is my belief that this.createWindowLayer (and therefore this.createRewardsLayer) should be executed before this.createTreasureChestSprites. However, upon execution...
  2. subengari

    RMMZ Font Bigger / Smaller Escape Characters

    Greetings, cadets- I wonder if somebody could point me to the area in the code where the Escape Characters for making the Show Text command font bigger and smaller (\{ and \}, respectively) is actually removed from the string? I looked at Window_Base.prototype.convertEscapeCharacters: and...
  3. subengari

    RMMZ Setting the SpriteAnimation frame rate?

    Compadres and comadres, In MV, the SpriteAnimation class had a property ._rate, which would determine the frame rate of the animations. I realize that MZ now uses Effekseer and has the legacy SpriteAnimationMV class... but if I am using a Effekseer animation that I created is there any way to...
  4. subengari

    RMMZ Rotating a sprite in place?

    Minasama, konnichiwa- What do I need to set a sprite's anchor to, to have it rotate in place? I've tried using 0, 0.5, 1, -1, etc. and it seems to orbit around a point, but not spin in place. Additionally, if I use anything but 0, it offsets the sprite's original X and Y position. Arigato...
  5. subengari

    RMMZ Window_Options and adding a custom command

    Aloha kakou- I am trying to add my own command to the options window. Behold my code: It runs without a hitch, alack the command "Hud Alignment" does not appear in the options window- Can somebody enlighten me as to what I have neglected? Mahalo nui in advance!
  6. subengari

    RMMZ A Question about Sprite_Button

    Hola señoras y señores- I'm not sure if this has been asked before and I hope that I make some sense... but could somebody explain to me why, when the Sprite_Button at the top-right corner of the map is clicked (to activate the menu), the $gamePlayer doesn't walk towards it? I know it's a...
  7. subengari

    RMMZ ColorFilter._fragmentSrc and further GLSL queries

    Kamusta dudes and dudettes, I'm taking a look at the ColorFilter class and came across ColorFilter.prototype._fragmentSrc (which contains the GLSL code for the filter): Looking at other GLSL code on the interwebs, I noticed that the code below contains "#" before certain statements... Can...
  8. subengari

    RMMZ Game_Interpreter / Video looping infinitely

    Namaste, ladies and gents- I am working on a cut scene for my project that plays a prologue video when the player selects "New Game" from the title screen, before transferring to the starting map. To accomplish this, I have created a class called Scene_CutSceneBase that is called by the...
  9. subengari

    RMMZ Window_TitleCommand Query

    Shikamooni, fellow RPGMakers- Where in the API do I examine to find the code so that I may: Prevent the Window_TitleCommand's cursor background image from stretching? Remove the gaps bewteen the Window_TitleCommand's items? Asante in advance and have a good weekend wherever you are :)
  10. subengari

    RMMZ Using Game_Action?

    Could somebody please explain Game_Action to me? As in, what would a script that pits one battler against another look like? I am trying to code a rather rudimentary ABS and I am at the point where my projectile successfully makes its way from one source ($gamePlayer) to its target ("Enemy"...
  11. subengari

    RMMZ Object Help: Empty Array when using Object.entries()

    I have an object (FontManager._xmlData)... And if I output it to the console (like above), this is what I get: The console shows that this._xmlData has one entry- an object with the key name 270 and its value is another object. But Object.entries(this._xmlData) (far right, second photo) is...
  12. subengari

    RMMV Installing a NPM Library in your RM project?

    I know how to go about adding a library if I am provided a single JS file- for example, with loglevel.js I just move that file into my project's js/lib folder and edit main.js: And, voilà, I can use log.warn(), etc.: But what if a library doesn't provide the JS file and asks you to install...
  13. subengari

    RMMV Most effective way to wait for ImageManager.loadBitmap to completely load an image?

    Behold the following JS snippet: It works partially upon execution, running the script commands between the bmp.isReady clause for a few of the PNGs that I am processing... however a good chunk of other PNGs aren't processed at all. Is there someway to completely wait for...
  14. subengari

    RMMZ Porting MOG_ChronoEngine to RMMZ

    MOG_ChronoEngine is a beautiful mess- close to 12,000 lines of almost asymmetrical code that come together to form quite a powerful Action Battle System to replace RPG Maker's built-in and bromidic turn-based framework. (Chrono Engine also contains the option to use a combat system similar to...

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