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  1. brunovisk2

    Brunovisk Resources Iconic SV Weapons/ SV Actors

    Hi guys! I'd like to share with you one of the sprites I've done for my game, it's the sasquatch charset and SV battler. in the beginning I wanted to make generator parts to make savage men, but I couldnt make it so I just made the char and the battlers If anyone could turn it in a...
  2. brunovisk2

    Spellblade kind of skill

    Helli everybody, I need a plugins that force equipment change or that change weapons animation if actor is inflicted by a state. For example : if actor A is inflicted with state flame sword and equipes with weapon X weapon X will use animation Y instead of animation X. I tried to do it by event...

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Updated Senary's design (left). The previous one is overdesigned and her lack of functional pants is distracting and undermines her as a strong female character. She now has compression shorts, shorter hair, and a large t-shirt for a modern look. She was lacking the authority of her original design (as distracting as it is), so I gave her military cap with her namesake on it.
The hub city in my game is kind of driving me nuts. XD Not only have I kept remaking it, there are still locations I haven't placed because I can't figure out how to "blend" them in. Lol.
I've always liked Pixel Art World's and XP's graphics, so I was glad that MZ's 1.6.0 update let me use them for my IGMC game!VillageHall2.png
So the other day I saw my sister-in law, niece and nephews in the drive-thru lane behind me and I paid for their order as I got mine. I asked her today if she enjoyed her free meal the other day or paid it forward and she said she didn't get a free meal that day...I'm torn between whether my sister-in-law is a liar or whether the drive thru guy brazenly stole from me.
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this server is nearly dying but I'm gonna post it anyway.

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