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  1. TheoAllen

    I guess this is the mark of the end of my journey

    I've been thinking about this for a while now, probably since the beginning of this year, to quit the game dev scene and return to life as a peasant. Jokes aside, the main reason is as cliche as "because I'm busy". But seriously, I'm no longer having fun by doing the process of game dev. My job...
  2. TheoAllen

    Easing Movement for Plugin Developers

    Disclaimer: This is a dev tool. This means adding this will not do anything in your game. You have to use it deliberately in a plugin you are making. About: This is an easing module for you to use if you want, for example, making an animated menu. Sample: Download: Click here Terms of use: MIT
  3. TheoAllen

    Animation FPS and Offset Control for MV-Style Animation

    DISCLAIMER: This plugin is for RPG Maker MZ, in case you didn't read the subforum name. About: Set the frame rate individually for each MV-Style animation Set the offset X and Y individually for each MV-Style animation FPS Control: Control the individual animation speed Sample usage: Offset...
  4. TheoAllen

    Bug MZ 1.4.0 MV-Style animation does not have blend mode?

    Description: When I exported all of my VXAce to MZ (using VXA to MV converter) and just dropped the converted animation.json to MZ, it worked flawlessly (with a little adjustment to the logic). However, I noticed that the MV-style animation editor in MZ is lacking blend mode (it only has...
  5. TheoAllen

    Theo - Random Event Starting Placement/Position Based on Region ID

    About: Randomly place the event start position based on the region id. Preview: Usage / Configuration: Page setting (the event will be placed randomly when this page loads) Random relocation Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read it here
  6. TheoAllen

    Theo - State Grouping. Mass dispel states at the same time

    About: Group the state based on the tag you put on them. So you can mass dispel the state without adding "remove state" one by one. Preview: How to use: Tag the state using these to assign a group. <group: n> <group: n,m> Tag the skill using this to dispel the states in that group <dispel n>...
  7. TheoAllen

    RMMZ Common names conflict. Adding functions to the (built-in JS default) prototypes

    Context: I'm mainly posting this to raise awareness. Some of you might want to add helper functions to the built-in JS prototypes. Heck, or even the RM prototypes (Game_Battler.prototype, Game_Player.prototype, etc). But while it is nice to have a function so that you can do something like...
  8. TheoAllen

    Suggestion Hiding MZ editor splash screen in the background

    Description: After so many times, I still could not get used to having the MZ splash screen block my screen. It hinders me from multi-tasking while waiting for the program to load. Here is what I mean. It blocked my code editor, and everything else. I couldn't even browse the internet while...
  9. TheoAllen

    Theo - State Damage Using Skill MZ

    About: Allow you to use a skill as slip damage instead of percentage using health/mp regen rate. In this way, you could make it flat damage, damage based on the user's stat, and even add elements to the damage. Or maybe, you want to make the battler grow stronger each turn by adding a growth...
  10. TheoAllen

    Your "OCD" in game making.

    Sometimes, a small thing is bothering you. Sometimes, you feel like you have to do something in a certain way. There is almost no design reason for that. Or probably you made an "excuse" for that to exist or a reason for you to do something. For example, you think not having a ranged weapon...
  11. TheoAllen

    RMMZ [WIP] Theo's Battle Sequence Engine MZ

    Originally, dubbed as "Theolized Sideview Battle System" in VXA, now I attempt to bring this to MZ. Yes, I'm porting my VXA battle system to MZ. Mostly for fun. What is this? TBSE is a stand-alone sprite sheet-based animation sequence plugin aiming for a free-frame pick sprite sheet animation...
  12. TheoAllen

    Characters count is annoying

    I just get back to the forum, and I found out that there is a new character counter at the bottom right of the reply box. When I have a long reply, it just blocks some of my text. I thought it was from Grammarly since I have that addon. But that does not seem to appear elsewhere (and by...
  13. TheoAllen

    RMVXA [RSE] Eremidia: Rise of the Deep - Boss Rush Version

    Lore: Welcome to the Hall of Pawnsmoor. A place that holds the record of many heroes from many tales across the world. You're nobody. You're just an incarnation of one of the heroes with the same name. You may be imperfect. Some of your abilities may not actually resemble the real hero. Perhaps...
  14. TheoAllen

    Older makers are getting end of support. What does this imply?

    From the official JP twitter And the blog And from the google translate This is a rough translation, but I would assume that the "games" means the software. Maybe someone with a...
  15. TheoAllen

    Move Toward Player uses Pathfinding

    About: Change the behavior of the "move toward player" move route command to use pathfinding. Preview: The code: Game_Character.prototype.moveTowardPlayer = function() { const d = this.findDirectionTo($gamePlayer.x, $gamePlayer.y) this.moveStraight(d); }...
  16. TheoAllen

    Theo - Selection Highlight Customization

    About: You want to customize the selection highlight. Preview: Faster blinking Flashing Persistent highlight Download: Save as a new JS file. Terms of Use: Read here I hope you find this useful.
  17. TheoAllen

    Theo - Target Selection Consistency. Area of effect needs a selection phase too.

    About: The default RMMZ design skips the selection phase if the skill is not a single target or if targets the user. This saves click if you're using a default turn-based. But takes away the confirmation phase if you are using a turn system that makes the actor acts instantly after you input a...
  18. TheoAllen

    Theo - Stacking States

    About: You want to stack the same state x times Use <stack: n> to determine the maximum stack you can use. Preview: Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here I hope you find this useful.
  19. TheoAllen

    Theo - Drain Rate Customization

    About: Because you want to drain HP less or more than the damage dealt. Preview: How to use: Use this tag in the skill/item note box. The number is in percent. Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here A thing to note: Because the change does not get reflected in the battle...
  20. TheoAllen

    Theo - Pathfinding, Move Route Generator

    About: This plugin generates the shortest move route for you. Because you're too lazy to do it yourself. Preview: Download: Save as a new JS file Terms of Use: Read here P.S: The code is kinda fragile. Tell me if something is broken, I'll try to fix it. I hope you find this useful

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