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  1. yamakoku

    How to tag or mention people

    I'm having to make a post since whenever I seem to look for it I get stuff about in-game tagging. Does anyone know how to @ someone. I've seen people do it but I'm not sure if it works. Also I once talked to someone with a space in their name, will that affect if they are able to be...
  2. yamakoku

    Letter sound problems

    I installed Yanfly's Extended Message Pack plugin, and i can't hear the letter sounds. I want to have my characters have the iconic beeping sounds that come with messages in classic RPGs, but they just won't work. Help? For a bit of context, i am using the default settings for the plugin, using...
  3. yamakoku

    Diagonal / Rounded Cliff Tilesets Needed!

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Prefferably anything without anti-aliasing (I can use a program to remove it) Description: I'm looking for cliff tiles that are not too blocky, like MV's or VXA's. Preferably either diagonal like 2003's or rounded like XP's Reference Images:
  4. yamakoku

    Multiple Parallaxes that move individually under the tileset layer.

    Say i want to make a forest background, and i want it to feel like it has perspective. Say i made the grass closer to the character move with the character faster than the trees far away, and since the sky is so far away it does not move at all. All good. But that would mean i need 3 parallaxes...
  5. yamakoku

    Blend Mode Plugin Needed

    So i'm testing out a paper filter over my game, and when testing it in pictures i would use the overlay blend mode, but it's not in RPG Maker MV as far as i know. Does anyone know any plugins that add more blending modes for pictures?
  6. yamakoku

    Danganronpa Minigame Plugin / Tutorial

    I'm looking to make a Danganronpa game using RPG Maker MV. If it doesn't work out in MV, I could also make it in VX Ace, since i have both. I'm looking for a plugin or tutorial that could help me in any way shape or form to help me with the minigames in the class trial. Although i would prefer...
  7. yamakoku

    Menu is closing when common event is activated. How do i stop that?

    Hello! I need help doing something. I have been trying to make costumes using common events and armor. I use 2 plugins to do this. One that restricts certain armors to certain characters, and another that runs common events when an item is equipped. The common event successfully changes the...
  8. yamakoku

    MV Preorder Music and DLC's

    So, when MV was released i didn't even know RPG Maker was a thing, so i obviously didn't preorder it. Can anyone tell me in which DLC did the Preorder Music end up on? I heard a lot of good songs from it, and i really just want to buy the DLC that has them now, since i heard they put the...
  9. yamakoku

    Default XP Resources Needed

    (Note this is NOT me asking for pirated versions of DLCs, but rather the default resources from XP i don't have since i only have MV and VXAce) I recently found a collage of all the RMXP Tilesets combined that i plan to use on my game, but i could not find one a collage the Sprites and Autotile...
  10. yamakoku

    Character Templates Please!

    I'm making an RM game and it uses the XP characters. However i need the XP character templates. I have already found some. But if you find it please post a link or an image to it. Or tell me how to find them. :kaoblush:
  11. yamakoku

    Moghunter LMBS Battle System Problems.

    Sorry for anything weird that might happen, i just joined today. Anyways... I downloaded the LMBS Battle System my Moghunter and i have a problem. When i run battle this appears: This confused be since... Well... Idk Java and guessing what could mess with frames did not help. These are all...

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