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  1. Owltears

    question about old thread i made

    I made a thread years ago for battlers, like back in 2018 ( I think it's still in my signature!) And I was wondering if I where to get back into drawing battlers would I need a NEW thread for them? Or like just update it? Cause technicly it would count as necroposting as I think the last thing I...
  2. Owltears

    Request: Looking for Train Tileset(s) in POP! Horror style

    Resource Type: Tileset(s) Maker Format: RPG Maker MV or ACE (prefer MV) Art Style: POP! Horror or very close to it Description: I am looking for a train tileset that is very close to or made in the POP! Horror style. I prefer it to be a modern train or future looking train, but I am fine if...
  3. Owltears

    RMVXA Honey Moon Cutscene Demos

    Honey Moon Cutscene Demo SYNOPSIS Honey Moon is a fantasy RPG game that is focused on telling a story in which the player has to help the moon goddess recover and collect several memory shards to regain the memories of why she was exiled from heaven;while avoiding the champions of the gods...
  4. Owltears

    Owltear's Battlers

    Update (10/21/18): All of my battlers will have their full health image and half health/beaten pose for those who might want to use them with Yanfly's Weak Enemy Pose Plugin. All my battlers are sized for RPGMaker MV but one day, in the FAR future, I may find a way to size them for ACE, or...
  5. Owltears

    Hello there!

    Hello, My name is Owltears, you can call me Owl if you'd like. I've never really posted on this forum before, and I'm super nervous about this as I normally just lurk... Due to the fact that I do NOT have WIFI at my house; I use my phone's WIFI which is VERY spotty so if I double post it is by...

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