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  1. hardqueen

    Kill Counter

    In this thread, Shaz's patience is greatly admired by me.
  2. hardqueen

    PH - Quest Book

    @Nisshoku Have you ever tried to use " \C[n] "?
  3. hardqueen

    Large or Small Maps

    By using a large map with a large number of hidden features, players will find gameplay interesting.
  4. hardqueen

    RPG Maker User Survey

    Done. I found one mistake. you FEEL... instead of FELL
  5. hardqueen

    suggestion for next version's character generator

    I hope character generator can provide a function "mirror". For example, all the faces now are facing left. After "mirror", they will face the right side. Sorry for my poor English. With "mirror", rpg makers can create two categories of faces.
  6. hardqueen

    Level Up Events

    Thanks to this amazing plugin, my actors can get bonus every time they level up. (In the common event, I write some choices, like atk+10 or maxHP + 100, as bonus.)
  7. hardqueen

    A plugin that can calculate and show the percentage of completing a maze

    the number of grids that the player has reached divide the total number of grids of the map
  8. hardqueen

    A plugin that can calculate and show the percentage of completing a maze

    Sorry for my English. Like it in FF4, when the player enters into a dungeon and wanders around, there shows the percentage of the dungeopn that has been explored. Is there any plugin offering such functionality?
  9. hardqueen

    RMVXA Soulstice

    Can you please provide a screenshot for your unique skill trees?
  10. hardqueen

    How fast you working at your database section?

    The time length of my game in fact is short mainly because it is aimed at a strong story-line rather than an eye-catching visual effect. Besides, I build the database with a "bottom up" approach, which means (sorry I feel my English becomes poor now although I work as an English teacher.) ...
  11. hardqueen

    How fast you working at your database section?

    I completed all the settings within 24 hours. But it was not a continuous job. It was divided into eight parts, so it actually took 3 days.
  12. hardqueen

    Hide Timer?

    A plugin by Shaz. Create multiple timers without showing onscreen. Here you go.
  13. hardqueen

    Image as Map Name Plugin

    Is it possible to display for a longer period of time or let the game maker decide the amount of time shown onscreen?
  14. hardqueen

    PH - Quest Book

    @DGDgamer Do you know when Prime will offer an explanation? because it's ages that there isn't any update of this plugin.
  15. hardqueen

    Dragon battler request

    Chinese dragons or Western ones? It is complex and time-consuming to draw the form ones, which have a long body. Haha
  16. hardqueen

    Secret of Cypressa - [Fantasy RPG] - 1.04 update! (11/16)

    A quick question: how can I buy this game of full content/version?
  17. hardqueen

    Orange Day and Night

    This plugin is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for your generous sharing.
  18. hardqueen

    How to get actor's TP in a common event?

    sorry about incomplete sentence. There is an Excel file containing all the script calls. But I can not find $ I actually did find $ but this means the actor will get a certain amount of TP. What I need is to set a variable whose content is...
  19. hardqueen

    [Dev] Speeder MV

    This plugin is helpful when talking about actor's memories.
  20. hardqueen

    How to get actor's TP in a common event?

    On the official script list, there is no tp property of $

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