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  1. HaruAkira

    Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse (Available now!)

    Proudly Presented By -Available now!- We are proud to announce that Wanda was released on 04/06/2016! It is now available for purchase on Steam and (DRM-free)! (Demo available on!) Trailer Story synopsis A short and simple, yet unforgettable...
  2. HaruAkira

    Tax for art commission? (AUSTRALIA)

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working as an artist for a game project and my monthly % share will be arriving soon. I currently live in Australia and the payment is mainly going to occur through Paypal or BMTmicro. I was wondering if, in the long term, I will need to get taxed on this monthly...
  3. HaruAkira

    DarkEnd - Simply, an RPG [Available on Steam!]

    Proudly Presented By DarkEnd © 2014 Kodots Games "An End is just a new beginning" <This is an unfinished Title Illustration>   Original Opening Animation   Official trailer   Introduction RPGs of the olden days are usually and masterfully coated with simplicity, yet somehow are very...
  4. HaruAkira

    [UPDATED] HaruAkira's sketchbook!

    **Update** I've started my own youtube channel dedicated to art tutorials! This is my very first time lapse painting of Amon from Tokyo Ghoul! Please take a look. Really appreciate it if you could leave a like and subscribe :) Thanks! Just trying out my very first post and...

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