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  1. byBibo

    Creating an elevator event

    Hello everyone!! Today we will learn how to create an elevator thgough events! Once it is done, the game will be like this: - press the button to call the elevator - enter the elevator by yourself - go to the panel command to press the desired floor button - go out of the...
  2. byBibo

    Party Manager Tutorial - Handling multiple parties (Plug-in by HimeWorks)

    Hello Everyone! Today, we will learn how to use the Party Manager plug-in made by Tsukihime! She already provided a tutorial on how to create 2 parties, but today we will go a bit further: we will give the player the ability to create 3 parties with some issues: some members can't be reunited...
  3. byBibo

    RPG Maker Birthday Bash - Amnemoria

    Hello Everyone! This birthday contest is quite fun, and it sure push ourselves to finish a project! I actually had no project at all, as for now I focus on making content, but I want to give it a try, so here you are: my Amnemoria Project! :) Summary It's strange how things...
  4. byBibo

    How to fall in holes

    Hello Everyone! I have always wanted to make my actors fall in holes when exploring dangerous maps, and I came up with a way to do it! :) Here what you want to achieve: [Note: if you know a screen recorder free software better than Camstudio...]...
  5. byBibo

    byBibo's special packs [1. Christmas Pack update 1]

    Hello everyone! I decided to create some resources with the theme of Christmas/Winter! I hope you'll like it! :) I think I will regularly create themed packs, with different content inside. Might be a battler, a window skin... Tell me your suggestions and expectations for the next packs! :)...
  6. byBibo

    SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    Hello everyone! Welcome in the SV_Battlers from SV_enemies thread! :) In here, you will find the animated Sideview version of the default RTP enemies that come with RPG Maker MV. Not only can they be used as fellow actors and companions, they are also, and mainly made to be terrific...

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