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  1. Dutch Power Creations

    Music needed; Victory battle theme

    Hello there composers! I've been getting a lot of feedback lately and on almost all points I can find a good fix but not on the Victory battle theme music. Most things just don't seem to fit my game. Game world setting - Tribal/Desert Music searched for - Something deep but also uplifting...
  2. Dutch Power Creations

    TRADE Looking for proof reader (English)

    Hello there, I am looking for a proof reader (Grammar and possible enhancement of sentence build up) for my game The Lost as suggested by my current let's player/streamer. I never back down for any general feedback either but the focus must be proof reading all the text in the game! More info...
  3. Dutch Power Creations

    Skipping character selection

    Hello everyone, I want to skip the character selection when you click on ITEM in your main menu. Right now when you select it you must select a character and then you go into the item menu. Can the character selection be skipped? I'm using YEP Main Menu Manager and I have tried a **** ton of...
  4. Dutch Power Creations

    TRADE Searching for testers

    Hello everyone, Engine: RM MV My Role(s)/Position(s): Developer I am looking for game testers to play the demo of 'The Lost' that will come out end this month/start of October. I am willing to play your game as a first Impression in return and include you into the 'special thanks' section in...
  5. Dutch Power Creations

    Dog face set in MV style

    Hi there, Looking for a dog face set in this style: As you can see my dog (down right) is having too much of a difference and I can't get it smoothened somehow... I don't know what I'm doing wrong anymore. I spend way to much time on it so maybe someone with more skills can get it done? I...
  6. Dutch Power Creations

    Yanfly Instant Cast - Crash

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me or post this on the ******* site of Yanfly as a bug so he can fix it: The crash happens 'randomly' when the bugs align. Please, I would really like to keep using it the way I have set it up. It seems to be a bug related to the end phase of multiple of...
  7. Dutch Power Creations

    -DpC- Let's Play corner

    Hi there, I see lots and lots of requests from people asking for a review of their game because they need the opinion of other gamers/developers to evolve their game. Well, I want to give a bit back to the community that shaped my game to what it has become in the last year. Feel free to PM me...
  8. Dutch Power Creations

    YEP: Unclear; Type error: undefined is not a function

    TypeError: undefined is not a function at Function.BattleManager.endActorInstantCast (file:///C:/Users/Harry%20Staarink/Desktop/Mappen/RPG%20Maker%20MV/The%20Lost%20(demo)/js/plugins/YEP_InstantCast.js:368:12) at Function.BattleManager.endAction...
  9. Dutch Power Creations

    Yanfly victory aftermath

    I am having a problem with 2 aftermath plugins (mogs and yanflys). I only need yanflys because it gives control over the battle ME letting you select a BGM in place for it (that loops, ME music files don't). I need it to loop so I tried dissecting yanflys plugin so it doesn't interfere with mogs...
  10. Dutch Power Creations

    Items can only be used by certain class (menu screen)

    I found a plugin for VXA by himeworks but as I have 0 skill in java scripting I can't convert it at all to work on MV. So here I am asking for help on the following: In my game, you can buy/find magic books that can be used from the menu-item screen only that learns a skill to a specific class...
  11. Dutch Power Creations

    Continue/save bug

    Hello, can anyone please help me with the next problem: When someone else then me downloads my game and starts it the continue button is highlighted and they can press continue, then it gives this error. It is the same if they try to save the game when playing, thus making it impossible to...
  12. Dutch Power Creations

    FREE Seeking Mapper and writer

    Hi There, To instantly get to the subject, I am looking for 1 person that likes to make maps and can work with me on bringing the maps more alive. I do not want the maps to look 'overdressed' with plugins/effects etc. As it is on a free basis I will not be pushing you to deadlines but it will...
  13. Dutch Power Creations

    MOG BATTLE HUD bug/help *solved*

    After 3 hours I found the bug myself. This topic can dissapear in the bin.
  14. Dutch Power Creations

    Looking for: Writer/grammar

    Hi there, I am glad that you are interested. Here is some info about what I need: - Someone english to check the english grammar in my game. - Someone that helps to refine the writing I already have and make it possibly better. - Someone that helps with idea's on how the story...
  15. Dutch Power Creations

    RMMV The Lost -DpC- || Play the Demo now! ||

    Dutch Power Creations |DpC| Presents Please keep in mind that this is still being worked on, so changes to the story and graphics are to be expected. -The Lost (download)- When you have played this game please leave your comments/feedback about your thoughts and ideas, I...

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