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    I haven't touched the forum or my project for months because a few people were being a little...

    I haven't touched the forum or my project for months because a few people were being a little aggressive when I asked for help

    RMMV Galv's Busts problem (SOLVED)

    So I maybe an actual idiot, I'm trying to do this thing where like, some characters get only busts, and some only get face icons. This one here to the left is my code and this one here to the right is the video tutorial's code. this is the video tutorial i watched. This is a video...

    RMMV Icons and Busts? (Galv's)

    Hey, so, it seems I am in a situation where I can only either have ONLY busts of a character with this plugin enabled or ONLY icons if it is off. I can't have both. My original vision was that some less important characters have icons, and then more prominent characters have busts. But, as said...

    concept: crafting only open after receiving a quest?

    thank you so much this is extremely helpful! sorry for the misunderstanding ...!

    concept: crafting only open after receiving a quest?

    the quests are supposed to be food orders.

    concept: crafting only open after receiving a quest?

    sorry i didnt mean to be vague, i thought it was a pretty straightforward question. sorry i didnt add more details but yeah i was watching a tutorial on like an implemented crafting system w/o a plugin. i just wanted to ask if its possible where the player cannot make something while there isnt...

    concept: crafting only open after receiving a quest?

    i want to be able to do a thing where, after the character gets a new food order (that being a new quest), she can only craft the recipes with the crafting table when there is an active questing going on. i want to make it so the player cannot craft if there is not a quest going on. do crafting...

    how do i make cutscene fade back in?

    i was able to figure it oit, just had to add more movements!

    how do i make cutscene fade back in?

    i tried what you told me but its still black, it still just continues to be a dark screen and nothing happens

    how do i make cutscene fade back in?

    sorry sorry i am literally stupid... basically its supposed to be the character walks away and theres a fadeout, but then, it fades back into the scene of the cutscene and then they talk like normal again. its supposed to give the illusion that time passed. but its not working it only stays black

    how do i make cutscene fade back in?

    when i fade out the screen stays black after fadeout, and when i put in fadein after Roma moves up, up, right the screen doesnt fade into normal.

    how to make npc move while presenting text?

    the concept is as goes: the character is cut off by the phone ringing and i want to make it so the phone shows a "brring brring" text while its doing a little ringing animation I dunno how to do that then make it stop when she turns to talk to the person at the counter. This is a cutscene btw!!!

    Concept: Random Quest?

    The concept of my game is that people call to order pizza but I want each call to be a random npc calling the phone? And I want that to be able to trigger a random event; That event being a random order. Can this be done? (without coding ofc.)

    Tile set wrong? (solved)

    Okay, something is off in this screenshot. I literally have no idea why the orange path i drew isnt showing up but the blue grass is?? theres obviously a fix for this right?

    Immetate Visual Novel?

    Instead of using a plugin to implement a visual novel feature, could I maybe do a "show picture" instead? Like the bust would be in the cutscene.

    Next Event Page Help

    So something like this i presume?

    FREE [Seeking intermediate programmer] [RMMV] Casual game for fun

    Hey, I just opened rpg maker one day and thought of making a story game to express thoughts through character interaction. It's been pretty simple so far, I've gotten a lot done with asking a lot of help and its nice. Okay, I haven't gotten that far, only the intro but eventually there will be...

    Next Event Page Help

    Okay, so, ive read most tutorials and the manuel and all that, but, whatever i do it just doesnt seem to work. i read the words and its just not processing for me, so i guess being told how to is more effective if im gonna learn anything. one part of the event is complete, now i wanna move to...

    Choices problem

    i ended up finding out on my own, what would be helpful is if someone could tell me how to delete threads.

    Choices problem

    This is where my choices begin choice #1 is a short bit of text choice #2 is a long bit of text at the end of choice #1 when she is done talking, the player character walks off and says her first bit of dialouge that was at the start of the game. when done talking at choice #2 it goes on as...

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