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  1. Okk

    HIME Actor Battle Commands, cursor problem

    I've encountered a bit of a bug when using HimeWorks Actor Battle Commands. When returning to the main battle menu after selecting a skill, the cursor is not always pointing at the correct command. This occurs when selecting a skill category, then selecting a skill, then pressing cancel to...
  2. Okk

    Yanfly Damage Core, breaking specific damage caps

    So I know that Yanfly's Damage Core allows me to make a state that lets an actor bypass the damage cap, and I know that I can make a specific skill that can bypass the damage cap. But is there a way to create a state that allows an actor to bypass the damage cap of only a specific skill? Eg. a...
  3. Okk

    Conditional skill accuracy using Yanfly

    I'm trying to create status ailment spells that, through Yanfly's Selection control, can hit either a single target or an entire group, either friend or foe. In order to make single-target use a little less useless, I'd like group-target use to reduce the accuracy of the spell. In fact, there...
  4. Okk

    Trouble with Yanfly's Target Core and Selection Control

    I'm working with Yanfly's Target Core and Selection Control, but I'm having a little trouble hammering out the details of its functions. There are two skills in particular that I'm working on. My first problem is a magic skill that damages all enemies. I'd also like it to optionally damage all...
  5. Okk

    Issues with Actor Transformations from Yanfly's tips and tricks

    I've created a transformation status effect, following the instructions for Actor Transformations in Yanfly's tips and tricks section found here: I'm having some issues with it though. I don't think Yanfly really...
  6. Okk

    Yanfly Party System, but without replacing the original Formation command

    I want to use Yanfly's Party System, but I would also like to maintain the original Formation command in the main menu. I'm using another script that hides reserve party members in the main menu, so the original Formation command would be used to swap the positions of characters in the current...
  7. Okk

    Change size with a state

    I'm looking for a plugin that will allow me to change the size of the battle sprites with the application of a state, particularly one that is also compatible with Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies. This would be useful for a status ailment that shrinks the target, an enemy that swells up like...
  8. Okk

    Yanfly's Skill Learn - Per character requirements

    I want to use Yanfly's Skill Learn system, but I want learnable skills to become available on a per character basis. EG. if Harold defeats the Fire King in solo combat, Fire spells are added to his learnable spell list, but not to Therese's. I didn't see a plugin command for adding to a...
  9. Okk

    Precise placement of SFont Text

    I'm working on a game with a retro aesthetic, and I need the graphics to have a very specific look. To get around text anti-aliasing, I've installed the SFont plugin, along with the requisite Victor Engine Basic Module. I'm using this in tandem with the Yanfly Core Engine in order to change the...
  10. Okk

    Crystal Engine Basic Module

    I would like to use the Crystal Engine Enemy Capture script in my game. In order for it to work properly, it requires the Crystal Engine Enemy Classes & Levels script as well as the Crystal Engine Class Sprites script. The new version v1.10 also requires the Crystal Engin Basic Module. The...
  11. Okk

    Modifying Yami's Guardians

    I'm working on a game with a heavy focus on summoning monsters, and I'd like to use Yami's Guardians to facilitate that. I like the functionality and aesthetics of these scripts. However, they need a little fine-tuning to fit my game concept. I don't actually know any Ruby/RGSS, though. I've...

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