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  1. biggislims

    Giant Rat Enemy

    I wanted a different giant rat enemy than the default, something with a more pixel art style, but still that classic giant rat vibe. For this piece I went straight digital, using Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16. Feel free to use, and abuse (with sword, axe, and the like).
  2. biggislims

    Validating Steam Files issue

    I have a friend that is new to RPG Maker, and I gifted them MZ. When they create a basic project, place the player, and try to play test, they get a pop up that says "Backup game files... Verify Integrity of game files... Validating Steam files - 100% complete," but then it also says "1 file...
  3. biggislims

    RMMZ Hiro of Legend

    Hello, here to announce my current project, Hiro of Legend. Hiro is an elven boy who lives in the Ancient Era, on a small plot of land, on the southern portion of Zormello Island, in the Daeydark Empire. He is from a family of farmers who make a meager living growing Stickyleaf for the Empire...

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The game's already out there. Now what?
It has now gotten to the point where I need detailed excel spreadsheets to track where every individual enemy on the map is, what type of enemy they are and how many rooms you need to pass through to make them respawn.

I'm simultaneously proud of my diligence and would never wish this torture on even my worst enemies. :kaoswt2:
Variation two of my nameless protagonist- now with color!!
Fun question - how do you manage the scope of your projects? All of my projects seem to balloon until they pop and they are suddenly nonexistent!

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