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  1. DiegoAngelGamer

    Audio Crossfade Plugin for MV?

    So, let's say I have two audio files, with the same structure and length, but one has a higher pitch than the other or uses different instruments compared to the other. I want to be able to change between the two, starting the second one where I left the first one, but the system that comes with...
  2. DiegoAngelGamer

    Does anyone know Weapon Rarity plugins?

    Are there known plugins that help you set rarities for Weapons, Armor or Items? Examples: a normal Sword: Common | a Fire Sword: Rare | a Legendary Sword: Legendary (obviously). Hope you can help me! - Diego :kaopride:
  3. DiegoAngelGamer

    Open / Close Menu Sound

    Any help at all will be appreciated. Well, if you open the menu in your game, you will hear the 'Accept' sound you set in the database. The same with closing the menu; you will hear the 'Cancel' sound. Is there a way of changing these sounds without changing the 'Accept' or 'Cancel' sounds in...
  4. DiegoAngelGamer

    Clean, Futuristic and Soft Damage.png

    Hi! Here's a beautiful version of Damage.png made by me on Toybox. You can use it wherever you want, commercial or non-commercial games, and if you want, you can credit me, but it's not necessary. Trust me, it's very stylish! Made for MV. You can ask me to change whatever you want (colour...
  5. DiegoAngelGamer

    Guns Plugin?

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to make a gun reload system in which you have guns with certain ammunition and when you run out of it you need to reload. Each weapon shoots a different number of bullets in the same turn and has different magazine sizes. (For example, the FAMAS in my game...
  6. DiegoAngelGamer

    Frozen chests

    Can someone make me !Chest but the chests are frozen? If someone did it before, plz link to the topic. Thank you! - Diego
  7. DiegoAngelGamer

    How can I alter the order of the tabs in Item menu?

    Hello, I've been working around the Item menu and I want to alter the order of the tabs. (I have YEP_ItemCore installed) When you enter the Items menu in my game (in Spanish) it shows up this: As you see, the menu is: Objetos Arma Armadura Objeto clave What if I want to change Objetos to...
  8. DiegoAngelGamer

    I need the MV DLC music for Steam!

    At \Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\BaseResource\audio if you have Steam there are a lot of songs that are not in the standalone version. I have the standalone version and I would like to have those excluded audios. Thank you in advance and remember: don't stop RPG Making!!! PD: I will...
  9. DiegoAngelGamer

    Can someone pass me BGM folder music? [MV]

    Recently I formatted my PC and I didn't find any BGM folder files from MV. Yes, I checked my KADOKAWA folder and they weren't there. Can someone pass me all files (Battle1, Battle2...)? Please, I just want BGM. No need for BGS, ME or SE. Thanks in advance and keep RPG Making!!! - Diego
  10. DiegoAngelGamer

    If I release an update of my game, how can my users update it without losing their game?

    As the title says: I release an update of my game that includes some new maps and events, my users see it at my page and download it. How do they update the game that they had without losing it? If you want specific information, just tell me. It's urgent, please, somebody help me. - Diego
  11. DiegoAngelGamer

    Plane Seats

    Hi :kaohi:, community: Do you have some sort of plane seats facing left or right for my game :kaothx:? It will be amazing to not use sofas as sits! If you don't know, don't worry. - Diego
  12. DiegoAngelGamer

    New Chest Sprites

    Hi :kaohi:, do you know where I can find some chest sprites??? (or related to chests, like a coin purse or a wallet) I've been searching for them and I just couldn't find anything that I like. If this post lacks some information, simply tell me in the comments and I will add it. Thanks in...
  13. DiegoAngelGamer

    Yanfly Quest Journal Bug - Help!

    - Sorry for my bad English - Yanfly Plugin: Hi! I was using Yanfly's Quest Journal to make quests in Spanish, but I have a small issue: quests don't show up in the quest menu. I put on the events: (because 1 is the number...

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