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  1. TheStoryteller01

    Storytellers MV Facesets [Updated 01/01/17 - SF_People1_7]

    LATEST UPDATE: 1st January 2017 I am still quite busy with RL and projects outside of RPG Maker so I will update this thread with new facesets in irregular intervals only. These facesets are no edits of the stock portraits and also not made with the MV generator but recreations which I...
  2. TheStoryteller01

    Using and sharing MV graphic assets

    I've been doing custom battlebacks, sprites, tilesets and facesets for  XP and MV for over a year now. And of course I can't wait to bring all the new MW graphics into the mix or start making MV assets as well. The problem is, so far I haven't seen an official statement that there is something...
  3. TheStoryteller01

    63 Battlebacks for RPG Maker XP

    For my own projects I use the Enu Side Battle System Tankentai XP and I started creating compatible battlebacks based on the standard RTP tilesets. I published them on my blog during the last 5 months but since I'm kind of finished now, I thought I'd wrap all 63 battlebacks up in an archive and...

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